Sejong Hotel dismissal of layoffs

▲ Tourism and Leisure Industry Union, Sejong Hotel Branch

About 40 labor, civic, and social groups came together to solve the problem of layoffs at the Sejong Hotel. Sejong Hotel workers condemned the management for notifying 15 people of layoffs and announced a strike on the 2nd.

The Joint Countermeasures Committee for the Withdrawal of Sejong Hotel Layoffs held a press conference in front of the Sejong Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 30th and said, “All 15 people who were subject to layoffs are members of the Sejong Hotel Branch of the Tourism and Leisure Industry Union, and this is a targeted dismissal for the destruction of the union. He said, “We need to withdraw from the layoffs and overcome the crisis by applying for employment stabilization subsidies and normalizing food and beverage business operations.”

At the same time as the strike on the 2nd, the branch begins a sit-down in the hotel lobby. The strike involves 12 people who have been subjected to layoffs. The other three have resigned immediately after the notice of dismissal. From the 2nd to the 10th, when the dismissal is scheduled, the branch will hold a layoff cancellation cultural festival every evening except weekends in front of the hotel. From December 6th, they will march around Myeong-dong where the Sejong Hotel is located.

On the 10th, the Seoul Regional Labor Relations Commission made a decision to suspend the mediation in the industrial dispute settlement case requested by the union.

On the 5th, Sejong Hotel said, “We have made our best efforts to improve the business situation, but without further dismissal for management reasons, we are in a situation where normal operation is difficult.” A notice of dismissal was sent. Sejong Hotel became controversial as it announced the criteria for selection of layoffs and required workers at food and beverage establishments to submit foreign language proficiency test scores. According to the ‘criteria for rational and fair selection of layoff recipients’ announced by Sejong Hotel, foreign language proficiency (5 points) and property ownership (5 points) are included as evaluation items out of a total of 100 points.

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