Photos: Adriana Lucía announces the launch of a new venture: “A dream come true”

Adriana Lucia. Photo: Instagram @adrianalucia

Adriana Lucia Not only has he stood out for moving thousands of people with his romantic compositions, exhibited through Caribbean sounds such as cumbia and vallenato; Besides that, she surprised many by announcing that she will be a mother and that there are two offspring she is waiting for.

Now, the artist born in Lorica -Córdoba-, presented to her 1.4 million followers what for her is “a dream come true.” It is a new collection of garments that, as can be seen in the shared images, wears with full pride.

‘Only skirts’ is the name of the collection that Adriana Lucía presented together with the Colombian designer, Goretty Medina, and in the post she confesses that the garments “look like us.” In addition, the names that the skirts wear are striking: Porro bonito, Guararé and Aventurera and incidentally, he expressed that they were thought “in each person who told us “When are you going to release a collection?” Well, here it is with all the love for you “.

This undertaking was well received by its fans and a proof of this are the comments that are counted by dozens. Figures such as the designer Juan Pablo Socarrás, the journalist Mábel Lara and Martina the dangerous, sister of the Cordoba, reacted positively to the new collection. Other followers highlighted the beauty of the garments and their models and there were those who consulted prices.

Several days ago the artist also used her social networks to announce the launch of a cover of the joint ‘Carmen de Bolívar’, whose composition is by Lucho Bermúdez and the singer recalled this at the foot of the publication, also indicating that her intention is to pay tribute to the ‘teacher’, as the Bolivarian was known.

“It is a commitment to maestro Lucho Bermúdez, who was in charge of translating the sounds of the Caribbean and bringing them to a staff, so that musicians from all over the world could know and interpret our music. A genius, a child prodigy of the clarinet, of composition and arrangements ”, Adriana wrote. In addition, he highlighted that Bermúdez was a pioneer of cumbia throughout Latin America, making each country in the region appropriate this genre.

The complete video of the performance was posted on YouTube, achieving in five days almost 20 thousand reproductions and dozens of comments, highlighting not only the voice of the Colombian, but also the production of audiovisual material that included an orchestra and the theme of the 60s. .

On the other hand, there have been few but substantial advances that the singer has shown on social networks, especially on Instagram, of her pregnancy. In fact, he recently expressed the idea of ​​having two children while, “It never crossed my mind that I was going to be a mother of twins (we don’t know yet). It was totally spontaneous and it was in the first ultrasound that we found out that it would not be just one. I thought the doctor was ‘sucking me cock’ “.

Later, he appeared through an Instagram story with a photograph showing off his five-month-old belly, accompanied by the text: “Waiting for two, spooky but happy”.

On November 21, she even shared an emotional post of two girl’s dresses hanging on a clothesline, accompanied by several verses that would be dedicated to the offspring that she carries in her womb.

What a joy, my pretty girls

my soul girls!

I just want to watch them grow and run around the house

There is a people that I carry in my womb,

My pretty joint

The dawn song is already heard

Party at El Carito!


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