KB Kookmin Bank Branch “Withdraw the recommendation of the CEO candidate”

– The financial union KB Kookmin Bank branch (Chairman Ryu Je-kang) urged the KB Financial Affiliate Representative Director Candidate Recommendation Committee to withdraw the nomination of the next bank president.

– On the 1st, the KB Financial Affiliate CEO Candidate Recommendation Committee exclusively recommended Lee Jae-geun, vice president of KB Kookmin Bank’s sales group, as a candidate for the next bank president.

– The branch claimed, “Vice President Jae-Geun Lee has almost no experience in the sales field, which is the starting point and foundation of the banking business, and he is a person who has personally proved the concerns and concerns inside and outside the company for the past two years as Vice President of the Sales Group.”

– While overseeing the sales division, they closed branches located in regional regions saying they were not profitable, causing customer inconvenience, giving employees a sense of loss, and forcing an unwanted disqualification order.

– He added that he had only 1 year and 6 months of experience in the field of sales, mainly in charge of finance after moving to a holding company and working as a finance team leader at a holding company. In addition, it was criticized for emphasizing one-stop and forcing a system that did not fit the reality of the branch, causing confusion.

– The branch said, “The basic qualifications for a person who will smoothly manage the bank are understanding and experience in the business field above all else.

“Should the school administration take charge of the teachers’ work?”

– The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education decided to transfer the administrative duties of teachers to the administrative office. The education office’s civil servant unions criticized the education office for treating the school administration office as a ‘ghost organization’, but handing over all kinds of work to the administrative office.

– On the 1st, the National Provincial Offices of Education Public Officials Union (Chairman Oh Jae-hyung) issued a statement saying, “The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education committed atrocities to transfer teacher duties to the administrative office through the Organizational Innovation TF last November. The end of the task force was to randomly classify as many as 31 tasks to be transferred to the administrative office.”

– The union said, “I have been opposed to the TF itself because I knew that the TF would be transformed into a ‘handling of work’ under the guise of organizational innovation.

– In particular, he pointed out, “The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education has been harassed for a while with the issue of discrimination against minority groups such as facility managers, but it has not been long since they have been harassing a minority of administrative staff in the school.”

– The union emphasized, “Teachers have a role as a teacher, and school administrators have a role as an administrative post.”


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