Voluntarily report illegal receipt of retirement deductibles

The Construction Workers’ Mutual Aid Association announced on the 30th that it will operate a voluntary reporting period for illegal receipt of retirement allowances for one month from the 1st.

Retirement deductibles are paid when they retire from the construction industry in order to stabilize the life of daily and temporary construction workers in their old age. For workers and employers who voluntarily report the fact of illegal receipt of retirement allowances, only the amount of illegal receipts will be recovered, and the refund and criminal penalties will be exempted.

The types of fraudulent receipt of retirement allowances include △If the employee has never actually worked in a collusion with the employer, or has received or helped with the retirement benefit by accumulating more than the actual number of days worked (false work) △Forged or falsely entered documents proving retirement from the construction industry There are cases of receiving or assisting with retirement deductibles (false resignation proof) and receiving payments by unfairly applying for others’ retirement deductions (defrauding others).

To file a voluntary report, visit the Mutual Aid Association or download the report from the Mutual Aid Association website (cw.or.kr) and submit it by mail or fax. In the case of online, access the construction worker Hanaro service (1122.cwma.or.kr), submit a report, and deposit the full amount of the illegally received retirement deductible into the return account.

Han Seung-min, head of the Customer Welfare Team at the Mutual Aid Association, said, “We hope that those who receive unfair retirement benefits will correct their mistakes through the voluntary reporting period and not suffer further disadvantages.”


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