Viral test: the first thing you see will answer what is your greatest fear in life

Look at the picture, tell us what you saw first and discover your biggest fear in life with this personality test. Photo: Facebook.

The viral test circulate on social networks like Facebook, Twitter it is included Instagram, and in many cases they serve to learn little-known aspects of our own personality. Sometimes they can even help us to be more analytical with ourselves. Do you dare to solve the following test below?

This time it is about two images found in the photograph, where the first thing you see will define your greatest fears, those feelings from which you cannot escape no matter how hard you try to forget the past. In the following lines, you will have the answers about what you have seen. Share it with your colleagues or friends and enjoy this personality test.

Look at the picture, tell us what you saw first and discover your biggest fear in life with this personality test.  Photo: Facebook.
Look at the picture, tell us what you saw first and discover your biggest fear in life with this personality test. Photo: Facebook.


A hen

You stand out for your great power of observation since nothing is overlooked. You have a great memory and you keep in it the smallest details of absolutely everything. For that reason, you are somewhat stubborn and stubborn and can rarely be made to change your mind when something gets into your head.

Finally, your biggest fear is that you are not right and you often distrust strangers. Few know your true feelings and therefore you value those who respect you.

An egg and fork

If you have seen this first, it is because you are a person who tends to stand out for being calm. You cannot bear to be ordered around and you detest mistreatment, whether in the family or work environment. Therefore, you try to avoid getting into an argument with others over insignificant matters.

Something important is that you are very cordial and kind to everyone who crosses your path. Even if you do not want to admit it, you are afraid of loneliness both in the short term or in the long term, so you always want to be accompanied in your environment.

A guitar

If you saw a guitar, you are someone who stands out for being very outgoing. You are constantly looking to enter new adventures and put your skills to the test. You don’t even like to stay in your comfort zone. You consider that life is one and you do not deprive yourself of absolutely nothing.

Plus, you are the true life of any party. Your family is the most important thing you have and a great pillar in your life. Your biggest fear is that something will happen to them.


Carl Gustav Jung He is one of the key figures in the initial stage of psychoanalysis, which is also the founder of the school of analytical psychology, also called complex psychology and deep psychology. This is how Jung became famous as his studies and analysis of dreams led to a greater understanding of people in their ‘psyche’ state.

In his work, ‘Psychological Types’, “Develops his ideas about the existence of two” attitudes “(extraversion / introversion) and four functions such as thought, feeling and sensation, and intuition. This refers for the first time to the self as the objective of psychic development.

This is how he raises different psychological types that led him to study people using personality tests as a basis or, as it is currently known, viral challenges that, when solving them, allow you to know more about yourself.

Jung continued with the line of endorsing the theory that it was about mental processes. But he went much further and created a theory of personality based on this element. To do so, he divided the psyche into three fundamental parts: the self, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.


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