Ushuaia: they isolated a cruise ship with 173 crew members due to 9 cases of coronavirus on board

The “Ultramarine” cruise ship isolated in Ushuaia (Photo: Télam)

The cruise ship “Ultramarine”, with 173 crew members on board remain isolated in the port of Ushuaia after 9 cases of positive coronavirus were detected, as confirmed by sources from the Tierra del Fuego government on Tuesday. The measure will be taken until at least December 2, when a general test of the crew will be carried out again.

The ship of the company “Quark Expeditions” fired the first alert when, in the analysis prior to its docking at the Tierra del Fuego port terminal, it showed 4 positive cases of Covid-19. Afterwards, PCR studies carried out on all the embarked they raised the number of infections to 9, and since November 25 the ship remains in “complete isolation, nobody goes up or down”, informed the consulted spokesmen.

“The positive thing is that none of them suffered from the disease with serious symptoms or hospitalization in the city was necessary. The idea is to carry out a massive test again on Thursday to see if they all test negative or if the isolation should continue ”, explained the Secretary of Health Systems Management of the Fuegian Ministry of Health. Javier Barrios, as published by Télam.

In addition, he noted that during this period, the cruise maintained a series of internal protocols. “There are three doctors on board, in addition to a private company from Ushuaia contracted to follow up the cases that presents daily information to the Ministry”added the secretary.

The official mentioned that after the arrival in Ushuaia, the authorities provided the crew with water and food, in addition to having received the pathological waste and the liquid tanks of the ship having been emptied “within strict security measures,” he said. . According to Barrios, the vessel continues to be “isolated” and “controlled” awaiting its release.

“Until they all give negative, the ship is not released. Fortunately, the internal protocols worked and the same crew reported the initial cases. There was no need for hospitalization of any patient, but if necessary we are prepared for that ”, the official warned.

The cruise ship arrived in Ushuaia on Thursday 25 only with the crew, and with the aim of embarking 199 passengers (mostly foreigners) on an adventure trip to Antarctica. The tourists were to arrive in the capital of Tierra del Fuego on a charter flight that has now been rescheduled. The “Ultramarine”, the newest in the company’s fleet, is designed for travel through the polar zones. It has two twin-engine helicopters and has facilities specially designed for the observation of wildlife in the open air, in addition to having luxury services on board.

The Crystal Endavor isolating cruise ship in the port of Ushuaia
The Crystal Endavor isolating cruise ship in the port of Ushuaia

This is the second time that the protocol against Covid has been activated in the Fuegian port, since the opening of the season at the end of October. The previous opportunity was due to the appearance of a positive case corresponding to a crew member of the cruise ship “Crystal Endeavor”, which arrived in the city on November 17. The infected person had the disease in isolation and was discharged a few days later, without affecting the rest of the members of the boat.

In dialogue with Infobae, Roberto Murcia, the highest local port authority, had confirmed that “the health, port and provincial authorities had been made aware of a confirmed positive COVID 19 case on the way from Panama to our latitudes. Given this, all current protocols were activated and upon arrival of the ship, personnel from the San Jorge Clinic, which is contracted by the maritime agency, came up to carry out swabs to the 211 people on board ”.


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