Independiente visits Banfield for the Professional League

San Lorenzo 1-0 Sarmiento de Junín

With the only guarantee of not falling to the last place in the Professional League position table, thanks to the defeat of Arsenal by 5 a 0 in view of Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero, San Lorenzo received Sarmiento de Junín at New Gasometer with the desire to begin to come out of his internal crisis.

Despite the small audience, the weather was hot. And before the ball started rolling in the Pedro Bidegain the insults towards Marcelo Tinelli, Matías Lammens and the entire leadership made themselves felt from the local stands.

Besides, the spectacle did not help to forget the annoyance. With little, the team led by Martín Funes managed to hurt the vulnerable Blaugrana defense, who avoided the surprise thanks to the reflections of Sebastian Torrico. There was nothing new to excite the fans in his day. However, when the stopwatch Andres Merlos marked the 34 of the first half, Julián Palacios sent a precise center for the arrival of Nicolas Fernandez and Uvita it did not fail. The ex Defense and Justice he plunged into an impossible dove to Manuel Vicentini and the Cyclone He celebrated again after so many blows received: 1 to 0.

* The goal with which San Lorenzo opened the scoring against Sarmiento de Junín

The Complement became a bundle of nerves and suffering. The lawsuit was disputed in the local area and the entry of Julian Brea during the visit he caused a deep headache in the defense of San Lorenzo. To the team of Diego Monarriz placeholder image they overflowed it on all sides, but managed to maintain the minimum difference thanks to the limitations of the forwards of the Verde.

Despite the victory, the collective discontent remained in the New Gasometer. Insults towards the commission and the order everyone leaves it became a hymn of hope for the next season. The triumph of San Lorenzo was a football miracle. Even in the last action, in which Rodrigo Salinas rose in the Buenos Aires sky and looked for the head tie, the experienced archer wore a fundamental cover to hold the 3 points. Despite the victory, the team withdrew whistled by the poor production exhibited on the pitch.


Referee: Andrés Merlos

Stadium: Pedro Bidegain



In the South, two groups with different presents face each other. In the case of the locals, they are starting the new process with Diego Dabove as DT. For tonight’s duel at Florencio Sola, the coach has a doubt: if Agustín Urzi plays from the start or will the Gardener, Juan Cruz, play it. After starting the process with two wins in a row, the Drill has just lost to Aldosivi at home and equalized to Sarmiento in Junín.

For his part, Rojo de Avellaneda achieved a triumph in the classic against Boca in Avellaneda that gave him air to fight for a place in Libertadores 2022 in the remainder of the tournament. He has 34 points and is ninth in the competition, while in the annual table he accumulates 54 and still dreams of reaching the maximum tournament on the continent despite already having a ticket to play the South American Cup.

Lucas González won the pulse to Lucas Romero and will start. Falcioni also maintains the top scorer against Xeneize, Uruguayan Carlos Benavidez.


Banfield: Facundo Cambeses; Emanuel Coronel, Alexis Maldonado, Luciano Lollo, Gustavo Canto; Juan Álvarez, Nicolás Domingo, Giuliano Galoppo, Joel So Señora; Agustín Urzi or Juan Cruz and Ramiro Enrique. DT: Diego Dabove.

Independent: Sebastián Sosa; Fabricio Bustos, Sergio Barreto, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Gastón Togni; Domingo Blanco, Carlos Benavidez, Lucas González; Andrés Roa, Alan Velasco and Silvio Romero. DT: Julio Falcioni.

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo

Stadium: Florencio Sola

TV: Fox Sports Premium



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