Administrative order ‘withdrawal of mandatory corona test for migrant workers only’

▲ Reporter Ki-hoon Jeong, file photo

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea announced on the 30th that it has accepted the recommendation that some local governments, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government, suspend the administrative order to suspend the mandatory COVID-19 diagnostic test for migrant workers.

The Human Rights Commission said that in March of this year, only migrant workers were segregated and forced to undergo a COVID-19 diagnostic test, which was a discriminatory measure against foreigners. has been recommended

The Human Rights Commission pointed out, “We understand the active efforts of the quarantine authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but measures to isolate and classify specific groups without a reasonable reason may rather discourage specific groups from actively participating in the quarantine process.” It also judged that “there is a risk of threatening the safety of the entire community without achieving the original purpose of ‘prevention’ as a result of spreading hate and discrimination against foreigners.”

The local government that issued the administrative order in response to such a recommendation responded to its intention to accept it by either withdrawing or stopping the administrative order, changing it to an advisory measure, or changing it to ‘foreigners within the same place of business’. The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters has not yet responded to the implementation plan.

The Human Rights Commission said, “It is necessary to prevent cases of discrimination against specific groups such as migrant workers in the quarantine policies of the state and local governments from occurring in the future.”

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