The OAS will meet today in an extraordinary session to address the departure of Nicaragua from the organization

The dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) has convened an extraordinary virtual session for this Monday in which it plans to assess the situation in Nicaragua after the country started the process of leaving the organization.

This was announced last week by the OAS itself, which will analyze the Inter-American Democratic Charter and that of the organization itself in a session that will begin at 12:30 p.m. in compliance with the mandate of the last resolution of the OAS General Assembly, as indicated it’s a statement.

On November 12, The OAS General Assembly approved a resolution on the situation in Nicaragua and declared the general elections of November 7 “illegitimate”. In addition, he requested an evaluation by the Permanent Council of the crisis the country is going through.

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Nicaragua declared the current dictator, Daniel Ortega, the winner of the elections with 75 percent of the votes in a process that, according to the OAS, “lost credibility due to the repression against opponents, which ended in jail or exile ”before the electoral process takes place.

The resolution was approved with 25 votes in favor, seven abstentions, one against (Nicaragua) and one absence. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the hemispheric organization, made up of 34 countries.

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro with a Mission of Observers
The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro with a Mission of Observers

The exit process began in mid-November when the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, presented the organization’s secretary, Luis Almagro, with a complaint for “interference” in internal affairs and conveyed to him the country’s consequent desire to “ leave the entity ”.

“Nicaragua defends the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of the people, in respect of its internal legal system and world rulings,” objected Moncada, who indicated that “in the face of the violative actions of the OAS and the United States, we express our resignation to that organization , instrumentalized under the interests of the northern country ”.

“We are resigning and disassociating ourselves from that organization, terminating the link between the Nicaraguan State and the OAS”he said then. Shortly before, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Sandinista dictatorship that had asked Ortega to initiate the process of withdrawing from the OAS by denouncing the body’s Charter, thus adding to the request of Parliament.

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