The chats of the prisoners for homicide who stole WhatsApp from a woman and scammed her friends

Maineri and Mendieta, photographed in their cells.

In June of this year, María Fernanda, a 59-year-old public employee, neighboring the Parque Centenario area, Facebook offered for sale a property that belonged to a friend of hers and posted his phone number as a contact. That same day, it was contacted by a certain Marcos, who began to write to him on WhatsApp, interested in the offer.

Thus, the talk continued. Four days later They arranged a meeting to see the property. The man, however, said something curious to him. He asked her to cover it with a gaucho. Assured that worked for a private postal company and that since she would go to the appointment in a company truck, the woman should activate a code that the man would send her to mislead the GPS from the mail. A code was the key.

María Fernanda said yes, no problem. Shortly after, after activating the mechanism, he lost control of his WhatsApp account. It had regalado, literally.

In parallel and at high speed, his contacts began to receive the same message, a request for help in an urgent financial need. The profile photo with which these messages were sent was, precisely, the face of the woman from Parque Centenario. One of his neighbors took care of the request. Whoever was behind the phone, a little desperate, asked for the money that the neighbor could deliver. They agreed on an amount, 14 thousand pesos, what the neighbor had on top of him. The alleged María Fernanda gave a CBU number for the money order. The neighbor never deposited it. Another friend, named Gladys, fell into the trap but with a more modest twist. He sent 400 pesos.

Thus, the real María Fernanda filed a complaint with the City Police. The CBU number turned out to be a key piece of evidence.

Trick: the code with which the prisoners stole their victim's WhatsApp.
Trick: the code with which the prisoners stole their victim’s WhatsApp.

That number, discovered a investigation by Court N ° 4 with magistrate Martín Yadarola, was in the name of a certain Matías Raúl Maineri, 40 years old, fiscal domicile in Virreyes. But Maineri, investigators discovered, was far from home. The City Police raided him this last weekend in his cell in the Magdalena prison, with tasks of the Complex Computer Crimes division. They also raided the cell of another detainee, Germán Alfredo Mendieta Bervis, also linked to the cause. Both, discovered the Justice, are detained for the crime of aggravated homicide.

Mendieta hid three telephones in his cell, Maineri another two. Also, the Virreyes man kept a notebook in the carpentry workshop where he participated: the notebook, according to investigators in the case, contained information on various alleged scams.

It was also determined that one of the telephone numbers with which María Fernanda was contacted was registered with a telephone company with a false document. That number was another key that led to Mendieta: an IMEI impact revealed a conversation with “Germán”, also a native of Virreyes, imprisoned in pavilion number 12 of Unit No. 35 of the SPB. There were other, grosser coincidences. The Mercado Pago account with which the victim’s friend paid the 400 pesos also it was in the name of Maineri.

The two prisoners, supposedly, They did not act alone. Court No. 4 determined that the maneuver could not have occurred without outside support, in a classic phishing trick, where criminals steal the information of their victims with elaborate stories to go through their contacts or their bank accounts. A) Yes, They were for his family, immediate relatives of Mendieta, all in Virreyes, which ended up in detention.

The chats to the neighbor, who was asked for 14 thousand pesos.
The chats to the neighbor, who was asked for 14 thousand pesos.

Far from being retaliated against, the prisoners continued with their tales with impunity. Data triangulation led to wiretapping. There are extremely striking listeners. One of them was registered on July 2 at night, from the Magdalena prison.

Friend: What’s up friend?

Taken: Hey, cunt, we’re here with Roger, you see? Listen to me, you saw that one was hacked. Well listen to me, you saw, I do that, from a WhatsApp, I hack. Another WhatsApp, I say “call me call me, write down this number.” And boom, I send you the code. Anything you pass the number to me and we arm it bard.

Friend: Anyway, we are about to hack another one on Facebook.

In October, three months after this call, Mendieta spoke of other hopes on her line. He consulted the authorities for the reports requested for manage your probation.


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