How much does a car mechatronics technician earn?

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How much salary do automotive mechatronics technicians get? In the salary check, you can find out what salary you can expect during and after your training.

Anyone who is really crazy about cars and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty will find the job of an automotive mechatronics technician interesting. In the earnings check you can find out how much that is Salary* for the apprenticeship.

What does an automotive mechatronics technician actually do?

Automotive mechatronics technicians work in Workshops, car dealerships and vehicle manufacturers. The tasks differ depending on the focus and place of work. But this almost always includes:

  • Inspect cars
  • repair cars
  • Change individual parts

The automotive mechatronics technician no longer just tinkers with the car, because vehicles are becoming more and more complex. A large part of the job is working with high-tech equipment. So you check the vehicles for errors with diagnostic devices and laptops and use different software.

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Training as an automotive mechatronics technician: what do you learn?

The training to become an automotive mechatronics technician takes three and a half years. The trainees spend their time split up in the vocational school and in the company. In doing so, they learn theory and practice relating to maintenance and repair.

In the training to become an automotive mechatronics technician, you specialize in one of five sub-areas:

  • Car technology
  • Commercial vehicle technology
  • Motorradtechnik
  • System and high-voltage technology
  • Body technology

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Automotive mechatronics technicians inspect, maintain and repair cars in workshops and car dealerships. But what is your salary? © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

Salary in training: how much do future automotive mechatronics technicians earn?

As a rule, there are higher training salaries at companies that are subject to collective bargaining agreements – these are especially larger companies. Which tariff applies to your training depends on the region in which you are training.

In Bayern The following remuneration currently applies to training (source: collective bargaining association of the Bavarian motor vehicle industry):

  1. Year: 889 euros gross per month and 939 euros gross in Munich
  2. Year: 917 euros gross per month in Upper Bavaria and 967 euros gross in Munich
  3. Year: 974 euros gross per month in Upper Bavaria and 1,024 euros gross in Munich
  4. Year: 1,038 euros gross per month in Upper Bavaria and 1,088 euros gross in Munich

In some cities the collectively agreed wages are higher: In Augsburg, Munich, Fürth and Nuremberg The following wages currently apply:

  1. Year: 939 gross euros per month
  2. Year: 967 gross euros per month
  3. Year: 1,024 gross euros per month
  4. Year: 1,088 gross euros per month

the IG Metall won a wage increase for the Bavarian motor vehicle trade in collective bargaining in June 2021. From February 1, 2022 all of the above training salaries increase by 30 euros per month.

In companies that are not bound by a collective agreement, the training allowances are usually lower. But you have to at least that minimum wage correspond. Those who start their training in 2021 will receive EUR 550 gross per month. From 2022, the gross monthly minimum wage will be 585 euros.

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Salary as a car mechatronics technician: from journeyman to master

That Average salary for automotive mechatronics technicians is around 2,500 euros gross per month throughout Germany. On average, vehicle mechatronics technicians in companies that are not bound by collective bargaining agreements receive around 2,300 euros across Germany and employees with collective wages receive 2,700 euros gross. The collective wages for automotive mechatronics technicians after their training also rose after negotiations in the summer.

How much you will earn after completing your training depends on the company Remuneration group away. The wages in Bavaria are the highest in Germany. Those who start unskilled will receive a starting salary of EUR 2,445 per month from February 2022. Those who start their profession with a completed apprenticeship receive EUR 2,850 gross (tariff of remuneration group III).

from February 2022 Initial tariff Final compensation
VG I 2.445 € 2.595 €
VG II 2.650 € 2.796 €
VG III 2.850 € 3.000 €
VG IV 3.057 € 3.254 €
VG V 3.366 € 3.520 €
VG VI 3.576 € 3.894 €
VG VII 4.168 € 4.695 €
VG VIII 4.803 € 5.332 €

Source: IG-Metall Bayern

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