Central African R..- HRW criticizes the RCA Government for releasing a criminal suspect and asks that he be detained again

07-01-2020 Joint patrol of MINUSCA and the Central African security forces in the PK5 neighborhood in Bangui AFRICA POLICY INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC UN / MINUSCA – HERVE SEREFIO


The organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticized the Government of the Central African Republic (CAR) for releasing Hassan Bouba on Friday, a suspect of having committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and has asked that he be arrested again.

Bouba, who in addition to being a minister was also the leader of a rebel group in the country, was arrested on November 19 accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, presented by the Special Criminal Court (SCC), the NGO said in a statement.

However, this Friday the Central African entity issued a press release detailing how the national gendarmes had escorted Bouba out of jail and took him to his home.

At this point, HRW Deputy Director of International Justice Elise Keppler has pointed out that if RCA wants to “address impunity for atrocities”, first the Government must “support the Special Criminal Court and the immediate arrest of Bouba” .

“Allowing Bouba to be released in defiance of SCC orders undermines efforts to promote justice and increases the possibility that he may flee,” he added.

Finally, Keppler has urged RCA’s international partners – including the United States, France or the European Union – to insist that the Central African authorities follow court orders and Bouba be taken into custody “as soon as possible.”


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