Uruguay.- The National Court will analyze tomorrow the extradition of an alleged torturer from the military dictatorship of Uruguay

07-10-2021 Entrance to the National Court at the moment in which two members of the public entity ICM have witnessed the alleged illegal financing of the Madrid PP in ‘Púnica’, on October 7, 2021, in Madrid, (Spain ). The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office had requested his statements on suspecting that Indra executives had arranged with PP leaders to divert funds from ICM through the inflated budget of some of the contracts that since 2007 have been awarded from that public entity to said company. POLITICS Alejandro Martínez Vélez – Europa Press

Victims accuse him of subjecting them to electric shocks during interrogations at the FUSNA


The National Court will hold this Monday the extradition hearing of Fleming Julio Gallo Sconamiglio, claimed by Uruguay for alleged crimes against humanity for being one of the people who would have tortured the detainees in the Naval Fusiliers (FUSNA) facilities during the dictatorship military in the South American nation (1983-1975).

According to the account sent to Spain by the Uruguayan authorities, which is reproduced by the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office, several victims of the torture practiced at the FUSNA have identified Gallo Sconamiglio as a partner.

The events date back to August 1979. Two victims say that “people dressed in civilian clothes but heavily armed” broke into their home on August 7 to arrest them and transfer them hooded to the FUSNA, where they were tortured.

One of the people illegally detained that day says that they first raped her and then gave her electric shocks and subjected her to the “submarine” technique, forcing her to stay in the water for one or two days.

This victim recalls that her torturers were four and among them she has located Gallo Sconamiglio, whom she says did not participate in the rape but did in the electric shocks.

On the night of August 7, another couple was arrested, according to the Uruguayan authorities. Personnel identified as “members of the ‘Joint Forces'” arrested them at their home and took them to FUSNA, “where they were subjected to ill-treatment.” Specifically, they would have suffered ‘electroshock’ and “submarine”, in addition to “sit-ups with their arms spread apart and blows to various parts of the body.” In his case, Gallo Sconamiglio is recognized as an interrogator but not a torturer.


A Montevideo court demands that he be tried for crimes against humanity and others, which could lead to a 17-year prison sentence. However, the Prosecutor’s Office considers that the events have prescribed in accordance with the Spanish Penal Code, which is why it is positioned against extradition.

However, the Public Ministry accredits that “the crime for which the extradition is requested is not of a political or military nature, nor are there well-founded reasons to believe that the extradition request has been motivated by the purpose of pursuing or punishing the defendant.” .


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