King Felipe.- The King will preside over the delivery of dispatches to 188 new judges in Barcelona on Monday

08-01-2019 General plan of the delivery of dispatches to the new Thursdays. In the background, (ID) the State Attorney General, María José Segarra; the president of the Supreme Court and of the General Council of the Judicial Power, Carlos Lesmes; King Felipe VI; the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado; the director of the Judicial School of Barcelona, ​​Jorge Jiménez. POLITICS Ricardo Rubio – Europa Press

71% are women and the majority will practice for the first time in Catalonia


The 188 new judges who have completed their training at the Judicial School this year will receive their dispatches this Monday at 12 o’clock, in a ceremony in Barcelona presided over by King Felipe VI and in which the president of the General Council of the Judiciary will also intervene ( CGPJ), Carlos Lesmes.

In 2019, the King did not attend and Lesmes presided over the act, which was held at the headquarters of the Judicial School about three weeks before the 1-O sentence was published.

Instead, this year the event will be held at L’Auditori de Barcelona, ​​and the director of the Judicial School, Jorge Jiménez, will also intervene.

71% are women, the average age is 28 years and, on average, it has taken just over four and a half years to prepare and approve the oppositions to the judicial career, the CGPJ explained in a statement.

The majority (76%) do not come from families of lawyers, and like other years the majority are from Andalusia (48), and the other autonomous communities with more new judges are the Valencian Community (23) and Madrid (22).

On the other hand, the majority will work for the first time in Catalonia (73) and the rest will occupy vacant positions in Andalusia (45), Aragon (4), the Balearic Islands (2), the Canary Islands (15), Cantabria (3), Castilla-La Mancha (5), Castilla y León (3), Valencian Community (3), Extremadura (10), Galicia (14), La Rioja (1), Murcia (6) and the Basque Country (4).

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