Sub-committee of the Labor and Labor Relations Commission, ‘moving’ after 5 months

The Employment and Labor Bill Review Subcommittee of the National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, which has not been held for five months, is moving to review the bill. On that day, the People’s Power requested the Democratic Party of Korea for a list of bills to be listed as second lieutenants. The bill at issue is expected to be an amendment to the Labor Term Act related to workplaces with fewer than five employees. However, the way to reach an agreement seems to be difficult due to the large difference in views between the two major parties. In addition, the Democratic Party of Korea, “If it is not processed at the regular National Assembly, it is a fast-track” amendment to the employment law Rep. Lim Ja-jae, a member of the National Assembly, “must have more internal discussion”, and the Democratic Party is located in a workplace with fewer than 5 employees.

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