Karen Schwarz launched a flirtatious phrase to an imitator of Ricardo Arjona and Katia Palma confronts her: “You have two daughters”

Katia Palma faces Karen Schwarz for impersonator of Ricardo Arjona. (Photo: Latina capture)

In the latest edition of Yo Soy: Grandes Batallas, Karen Schwarz did not avoid surrendering before the eyes of the impersonator of Ricardo Arjona, Sebastián Molina. Fact that his partner Katia Palma did not tolerate.

At first, the comedic actress asked the TV host if she was going to be on set watching the contestant sing, to which Karen pointed out, “Obviously.”

“I already knew, already. Come so they can sing it to you ”, Palma replied, causing the ex-model to laugh.

After saying this, Karen Schwarz gave the pass to the impersonator of Ricardo Arjona with a peculiar comment: “Sing with those little eyes that I love. Go to the stage, sir. “

Katia did not avoid looking at her with a sarcastic smile. “If Karen comes to see the concert. Don’t let her in, please “said the actress.

Immediately, Ezio Oliva’s wife asked him: “Why? What do you have that I don’t have ”. Palma was not intimidated and, true to his style, replied: “Two daughters”, leaving the driver quiet, who had no choice but to laugh.


This Thursday, November 25, the impersonator of Ricardo Arjona, Sebastián Molina, faced the impersonator of Celia Cruz, Joseph Sanz. While he sang “Lady of the four decades”, his opponent was faced with “Life is a carnival.”

They both gave their best on stage, and surprised by taking one of the jurors on stage. Molina did not hesitate to invite to the set an astonished Katia Palma, who, surprised to hear her name, got up and approached the impersonator.

Sebastián sat her on a bench and did not sing to her, while the actress’s nervousness was evident. This moment caused the excitement of those present.


For his part, the Celia Cruz impersonator invited an effusive Mauri to the stage, who did not hesitate to dance and move to the rhythm of Life is a Carnival. Members of the jury and the general public put together a great party with the show of the participant Joseph Sanz.


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