Coronavirus in Mexico as of November 25: 4,128 infections and 263 deaths were registered in the last day

Several people enter a Metro station, on June 22, 2021, in the Historic Center of Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Carlos Ramírez / Archive

The Ministry of Health (SSa) shared updated figures on the progress of the pandemic of COVID-19 in Mexico. Until 5:00 p.m. this Thursday, the federal agency reported 3, 876,391 total accumulated cases and 293,449 deaths caused by the coronavirus disease. With these figures, In the last 24 hours, 4,128 infections and 263 deaths were added.

Likewise, it was pointed out that 561,419 suspected cases have been registered in the country; 7,348,409 negative cases and 20,513 active confirmed cases, which refer to those infections that began with symptoms in the last 14 days (November 12 to 25) and that allow health authorities to identify the areas with the highest viral activity and risk of contagion of coronavirus.

Thus, the states with the highest number of active cases until this Thursday are the following: Baja California Sur (3,120); Mexico City (2,890); Guanajuato (1,986); Sonora (1,689) and Coahuila (1,343). In contrast, the states with fewer active cases are: Chiapas (40); Colima (41); Tlaxcala (49), Campeche (51) and Quintana Roo, with 70 cases.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the country, the Secretariat has registered the total number of infections accumulated in the national territory. Until the cutoff of this November 25, the Mexico City has gathered 982,549 accumulated cases, followed by the State of Mexico (378,402); Nuevo Leon (206,624); Guanajuato (195,436); Jalisco (163,012); Tabasco (143,539); Puebla (125,571); Veracruz (123,749); Sonora (116,673) and San Luis Potosi, with 105,000 total infections.

Regarding deaths, the states with the highest number of deaths are: Mexico City (52,489); Mexico state (32,649); Jalisco (17,369); Puebla (15,514); Veracruz (14,508) and New Lion (13,458). According to the distribution by sex of deaths caused by COVID-19, the SSa indicated that the predominance of SARS-CoV-2 It is 62% in men and emphasized that the average number of deaths caused by coronavirus is 64 years.

Until today, confirmed cases show a predominance of contagion in women, with 50.2% and the general median age is 39 years. Salud pointed out that in the last five weeks, most of the cases are present in the groups of 18 to 29 years, followed by the groups of 30 to 39 years and 40 to 49 years and, until the last cut, in Mexico 3,234,360 people have recovered from the disease.

The SSa reported that 85% of the people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 have a complete scheme, which is equivalent to 64,618,673; while 15% have just received their first dose, a figure that corresponds to 11,545,391 citizens.

This November 24, 221,510 biologicals were applied for a total of 131,601,135 vaccines supplied since last December 24. In addition, for the third consecutive day, vaccines were received from Pfizer-BioNTech at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) “Benito Juárez”.

On this occasion, 585,000 antigens packaged against COVID-19 arrived, which adds up to 41,308,215 doses of this pharmaceutical. From December 23 to today, Mexico has received 172,309,255 packaged vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, CanSino Biologics, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna.

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