30-day conclusion on whether GM Korea enters into special labor-management negotiations

▲ File photo, Reporter Ki-hoon Jeong

On the morning of the 25th, GM Korea proposed to the Metal Workers Union to hold special consultations between labor and management at the Incheon Northern Branch of the Ministry of Employment and Labor to resolve the issue of subcontracted workers, but the meeting did not happen. The opinion that internal discussion within the union was sufficient was reflected.

GM Korea sent an official letter to the metallurgical union and the GM Korea branch on the 19th and requested that they meet at the Incheon Northern Branch on the 25th of this month to conduct special consultations. After an executive meeting on the 23rd, the union decided to hold a banquet meeting on the 30th of this month with the participation of the metallurgical union, the GM Korea branch of the union, the Gyeongnam branch of the union, the Incheon branch of the union, and the GM Korea Changwon and Incheon non-regular branch of the union. The fact that the union and branch officers are in the middle of the election period affected the delay in discussions related to the special consultation.

The annual meeting was held at the request of the GM Korea regular branch. At the conference, the participating units and agenda will be discussed, including whether or not to participate in the special consultation. GM Korea Changwon and Incheon Non-regular Workers Association have already argued that the issue of reinstatement of dismissed workers should be addressed along with the issue of illegal dispatch. The argument of the branch that the issue of reinstatement of laid-off workers should be included is expected to become an issue.

The branch is unable to remove its concerns over GM Korea’s proposal for a special consultation. President Kaher Kazem is being tried on charges of illegal dispatch, and there are suspicions that he is proposing a special consultation to obtain an indulgence. In fact, on the 23rd of this month, right after the law firm Kim & Chang, representing President Kaher Kazem, proposed a special consultation to the union and the GM Korea branch, “The defendant company dealt with the problem of production subcontracting (in-house subcontracting) in order to normalize management and promote win-win cooperation between labor and management. We are actively reviewing ways to resolve the issue independently in accordance with consultations between the parties.”


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