Wanda Nara shared a photo with Mauro Icardi just up after the note with Susana Giménez

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi continue to bet on their reconciliation after the scandal with Eugenia La China Suárez

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are beginning to overcome the crisis unleashed after the scandal with Eugenia The China Suarez. After the interview with Susana gimenez, the media published a photo with her husband, in which they are seen very close and in a very intimate moment.

My mood these days is like my dog, just woken up”Nara wrote on her Instagram account and accompanied him with a photo in which she is seen with her pet at upa and glued to the Paris Saint Germain striker, the father of her daughters Francesca and Isabella. The location of the publication, according to the social network? France.

A while before, Zaira’s sister had shared a spicy post on Instagram Stories after his statements about the actress who was singled out as the “third in contention” in this story: “Those photos that you do not publish, those talks that you do not mention and those stories that you cannot tell, always have a more special value”He wrote without specifying the recipient of the message.

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara’s post with Mauro Icardi and her pet: “My mood these days,” she wrote (Photo: Instagram)

“There was a meeting and he tells me that nothing happened”, I had told him Wanda a Susana gimenez in the interview broadcast last Tuesday, about the moment in which Icardi y The China they saw each other in a hotel in Paris. According to the footballer told his wife, the alleged lovers did not have sex. And everything would have remained in aspirations.

For me a little message is divorce“Said Wanda and the diva asked her about those chats:” But what did the message say? ” “They said things that a woman like me, with my values, would never have written and would not have expected me with the relationship that we have that they had not told me from the other side. That was the worst thing that happened, ”Nara said. And he expanded: “They say many things, that he had seen other things about Mauro and nothing could be further from realityWe have never had a problem like this with any woman, I can swear that to you on my five children ”, he closed.

The meeting between Icardi and Suárez was at a hotel in the French capital, while Wanda and her sister Zaira were in Milan enjoying Fashion Week. However, according to the protagonists, nothing happened between them. It was Ángel de Brito who said that Mauro could not live up to the circumstances since “there were things in that room that did not close him.”

Then the driver of The Morning Angels (The Thirteen) specified: “They (were) not ugly, but there were smells that bothered him”. Although he clarified that it was not a question of lack of hygiene, he did not promptly explain what Icardi was referring to with that description. “When I saw her I wanted to die”, the forward of the PSG to his friends about the moment he spotted the actress, dazzled by her beauty. De Brito maintained that Icardi would have been inhibited because Suárez wanted to specify the situation: “He rushed it too much”he commented.

Previously, details of an alleged conversation between the former Almost angels and Icardi’s wife, in which the actress told him openly: “We weren’t there because your husband didn’t stop “.


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