The sister of the young man who died in Cuesta del Ternero accused the Mapuches: “They used it until the last moment.”

The settlement that the self-proclaimed Mapuche community Lof Quemquemtreu maintains in the Cuesta del Ternero area

The sister of Elijah Garay, the young man who died after being shot in a confrontation in the land seizure in Calf Slope, targeted the Mapuche community and stated that “These people negotiated with the body” of his brother and what “They used it until the last minute for their convenience”.

“We are very hurt as a family. My brother died for a cause that I take firsthand as if he were the one who needed a piece of land. He immolated himself for and to help these people who use the most needy. These people traded with my brother’s body and used it until the last minute for their convenience. “Mary Garay said in a letter she posted on her Facebook account.

“That is why here in Jacobacci we are not going to ask for justice. To who? If we don’t know who killed him. We do not know if the community killed him so that he would not tell how those people live, how the referents use them to obtain profit. I have never heard that a chief of them is killed, those who enter to share their struggle and make it their own always pay with their lives because they see how a child goes hungry inside and outside their Mapuche referents move in a vehicle in the best way ”, The writing continued.

“I know the huge heart that my brother had, I know that today many of those people in there are not going to eat because he died and did not go out today to find him a piece of bread. Today they are going to use it once more and this time to grab onto my mother’s last name, to say that my brother was Mapuche, and they are going to continue using it to do politics.. That’s why today those of his blood are not going to go out on the street … We want Justice but we will ask for it in our own way”Concluded Elías Garay’s sister.

The young man was shot dead during a Mapuche capture between the cities of El Bolsón and San Carlos de Bariloche, in the province of Río Negro, last Sunday afternoon. The confusing episode occurred around 3 p.m. in the settlement that the self-styled Mapuche community Lof Quentreu has been in the Cuesta del Ternero place, when two people dressed in civilian clothes and carrying firearms entered the scene. It was then that there was an altercation with members of that self-styled Mapuche group and Elías Garay died after being shot. Another man, Gonzalo cabreraHe suffered serious injuries and was transferred to the Bariloche Hospital, but is now out of danger.


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