Is a corona self-test sufficient as evidence?

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From: Andrea Stettner

3G has been in effect nationwide at work since Wednesday. If you cannot show proof of vaccination or recovery, you need a negative corona test. Is a self-test recognized?

In view of the dramatic increase in the number of infections with Sars-Cov-2, the federal and state governments have tightened the corona rules: since Wednesday, November 24th, they have been in force nationwide 3G at work *. According to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), this affects all employers and employees who enter a workplace, i.e. both offices and factories, outdoor premises or construction sites. Only home office, work in vehicles or means of transport are excluded from this. But how do employees prove that they have been vaccinated, tested or recovered? And is a corona self-test sufficient?

How is 3G controlled in the workplace?

With 3G in the workplace, the employer is obliged to check the 3G certificates of his employees already at the factory gate or the office door. Because with the new Corona regulation, the workplace can only be entered with a 3G certificate. Incidentally, this also applies to employees and employers who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. The controls can also be outsourced to third parties, such as a security service.

In the case of vaccinated or recovered employees, it is sufficient if the employer has checked the recovery certificate or the vaccination certificate once and has deposited it with him. Only at Unvaccinated people then have to check the test results on a daily basis.

By the way: According to the BMAS, companies still have do not have the right to query the vaccination status of their employees. They can only disclose it voluntarily. So if you do not want to announce your vaccination status, just like non-vaccinated people, you have to show a negative corona test.

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3G in the workplace: is a self-test sufficient as evidence?

Anyone who has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or has recovered can simply show their vaccination certificate or proof of recovery at the workplace inspection. Unvaccinated According to the BAMS, require a rapid corona test, which may not be more than 24 hours old, or a PCR test, which is not more than 48 hours ago. However, a self-test at home is not enough. The corona test must either under the supervision of the employer take place (access is permitted for this) or be certified, i.e. by one Test center or a doctor’s office be performed.

If 3G applies in the workplace, unvaccinated persons must demonstrate a negative corona test. A home self-test is not recognized. © Sven Simon / Imago

Who has to pay for the corona test – the employer?

Employees can use the Test offers from the employer use (under supervision, see above) or that too free Citizen Testsif there is sufficient capacity. “Otherwise you have to find another way on your own responsibility and, if in doubt, pay for the test yourself,” a BMAS spokeswoman said

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Do the corona tests count towards working hours?

“The testing itself generally does not count as working timenot even if it takes place in the company. Just as little is the procurement of a recovery or vaccination certificate, ”explains Christoph Kehlbach from the ARD legal team The same applies to the waiting time for the verification checks. Employees therefore have to plan a little more time before starting work.

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What are the consequences of unvaccinated people who do not show a corona test?

Since the obligation to test and provide evidence is enshrined in law, employees face serious consequences if they fail to do so. These can be from fine above Warning until, in the worst case, to termination are enough if employees refuse permanently, explains legal expert Since employees at 3G must be denied access to the workplace without appropriate evidence, those affected also have no entitlement to salary for this time, the job should not be able to be done in the home office. By the way, quarantine can now be really expensive for unvaccinated people. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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