25N minute-by-minute march: SSC reported 5 injured policewomen

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, this November 25 thousands of Mexican women will march (REUTERS / Mahe Elipe)

On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, This November 25, thousands of Mexican women will march in protest against gender violence.

Through social networks and with the hashtag #25N, feminist collectives announced that they will carry out a march of the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo capital on Thursday afternoon.

The main march will leave the Angel at 4:00 p.m.; The protesters will walk on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, to march towards Avenida Juárez, 5 de Mayo and end their journey in the Zócalo.


17:10 Protesters continue their passage on Avenida Hidalgo; members of the “Black block ”they carry out destruction in buildings and signs that they find in their path.

17:00 The Secretariat of Citizen Security reported five injured women, all capital police.

“With a cutoff of 5 pm, the march on the occasion of # 25N in Mexico City reported 5 people injured, all of them female police officers. #DayEliminationViolenceAgainstWoman

16:55 More than a thousand women and around 280 hoods advance through the Central Axis and May 5 while they paint on the blue fences placed to protect enclosures and monuments.

16:47 Members of the “Black bloc” and the capital police face each other in Paseo de la Reforma at the height of the Angel of Independence.

(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)
(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)

16:45 Relatives of victims of violence hold a rally at the roundabout of Women Who Fight, they call for a halt to femicides and justice for the victims.

16:45 Feminist collectives come to the renamed gazebo of Women Who FightBefore Colón, where they sing the hymn “Sin Miedo”, they launch slogans against femicide and dance.

(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)
(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)

16:42 Martí Batres, Secretary of Government of CDMX, declared in an interview with TV hole that on his way out of the Monument to the Revolution, some of the attendees they have broken the windows of the AFIRME banking.

“The police have been extremely rigorous, respectful of the demonstration. We are going to insist that the demonstrations be peaceful, the violence is not transformative, the violence is not feminist, ”he said.

16:15 With hammers and sticks, the “Black Block” vandalizes the facilities of the Metrobús La Palma.

16:17 Clashes with security elements are anticipated, who they spray fire extinguishers on protesters to disperse them.

(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)
(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)

16:00 About a thousand protesters begin advance on Paseo de la Reforma avenue heading to the Historic Center of Mexico City, accompanied by elements of the Athena corporation.

15:55 Feminist contingents come to the Angel of Independence, with slogans such as “It is not an isolated event, femicides are State crimes!” and “Not a Less” the women ask for an end to violence. Members of the “Black Block” paint on billboards that cover the monument.

Among the attendees are members of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City guarding the march.

15:47: Around 70 hooded women have carried out destruction with hammers and graffiti in monuments and businesses, the first clashes are reported between protesters and police while trying to remove their shields.

(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)
(Foto: Twitter/@i_alaniis)

15:30 During the passage of the feminist march, hooded women of the so-called “Black Bloc” carry out pints and acts of vandalism in neighboring properties to the Monument to the Revolution.

15:29 More of 400 protesters, headed by mothers of victims of gender violence who carry photographs of their relatives, begin to mobilize towards the capital’s Zócalo on Ignacio Allende street, 2,500 police officers guard the protest.

15:14 With shields and fire extinguishers, elements of the Athena corporation, they advance towards Monument to the Revolution.

(REUTERS/Raquel Cunha)
(REUTERS/Raquel Cunha)

14:56 The first groups arrived at the Angel of Independence in the center of Mexico City. Although the convocation summoned the protesters at 4:00 p.m., some contingents are in the place and have begun to write slogans such as “Long live, we love each other,” while waiting for the arrival of their companions.

14:47 The SSC reported that the presence of protesters continues in the vicinity of the Monument to the Revolution waiting for the march to begin; The agency indicated that at the moment they do not affect roads, however the alternative is Mexico Tenochtitlan and Reforma avenues.

13:32 The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) reported that the first groups have already begun to arrive at the Monument to the Revolution, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, without affecting vehicular roads. “The feminist struggle for Latin America” shouted the protesters demanding the eradication of gender violence.

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