What are the new benefits to be always connected

Those who have a plan with an invoice, will be able to save and spend gigabytes (Credit: Movistar Press)

During the last years, communication has become indispensable for the different activities. That is why the connection knew how to occupy a preferential space when working, studying and even establishing interpersonal relationships. In this sense, Movistar has just relaunched the “Gigapoderes” benefit, with the aim of facilitating the connectivity of its customers.

Once again, all company customers who have a plan with an invoice, will be able to save and spend gigabytes to make the most of the data performance of their plan and, in addition, they will receive a one-time gift of 5 gigabytes.

“Gigapoderes” is the program launched by Movistar in order to enhance and complement the benefits of “Pass Gigas” from “Guard Gigas”, Totally free and unique in the industry. In this way, Movistar becomes the first operator that gives its clients the power to use their data as they want, free of charge.

How to access this benefit

This proposal is available to all invoiced customers, from the Mi Movistar App and business segment customers from the Mi Movistar Empresas App.

Once you enter the application, you should access the “Account” section. There, in the “Services” section, you will find the option: “Pasá Gigas”. You only have to enter the amount of gigabytes you want to transfer and then enter the line number of the receiving customer, who will receive a text message confirming the transaction.

The maximum gigs that the donor client can transfer is 80% of the data available in their plan, at the time of the operation. In this way, Movistar clients will be able to share their gigabytes with whoever they want and when they want.


In the same way, you can access the option to save gigabytes. In an agile and simple way, the app offers the possibility, within the “Account” section, of clicking the “Save Gigas” button. Once this operation has been carried out, the user will receive an SMS in which they will be notified that the remaining gigs for the current month have been saved. This action can be carried out at any time during the period, and the app will remember that the remaining gigs must be spent for the next month. The next, the first gigs to be used will be those saved from the previous period.


Movistar renews the “Gigapoderes” campaign and continues to offer attractive proposals for its clients with the aim of providing a service designed especially for them. In this sense, for passing or saving gigabytes, 5 gigabytes will be received as a gift, one time only.

With this benefit, the company seeks that its clients can dispose of their gigabytes according to their convenience: they can save the remaining gigabytes at the end of the month for the following month or pass gigabytes to another Movistar client.

These benefits can be accessed from the Mi Movistar App (Credit: Movistar Press)
These benefits can be accessed from the Mi Movistar App (Credit: Movistar Press)

In turn, from the Mi Movistar or Mi Movistar Empresas app, consumption can be controlled at any time, entering in “Account” and then section “Consumption”. The saved gigs and the new expiration date will be displayed there. Once the stored gigabytes are exhausted, an SMS will be received advising that the plan’s gigabytes are beginning to be used.

With this initiative, Movistar adds differentiating benefits, to which it has already been launching: “Safe Home Connection”, “Movistar TV and Movistar Play”, “Movistar Fibra”, “Your Ideal Plan”, “Exchange Plan”, “TestDrive”, “Armá tu Pack”, “Movistar FRI Music” and “Club Movistar”, among others. All of them seek to make customer service more efficient and are in line with the latest advances in the world market, in order to enjoy an innovative experience in integrated communications. In this way, Movistar continues to be at the forefront of the industry.

Communication is essential and that is why Movistar offers new and innovative benefits for its clients.

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