US arms producers try to curb demand from the Mexican government

The arms producers answered the demand of the Mexican government (Photo: EFE / Daniel Karmann)

This Monday, November 22, the Secretary of Foreign Relations (WED) informed the people of Mexico that the 11 US arms producers, distributors, and sellers responded to the complaint that the federal government filed against them in the Massachusetts District Court.

Through an official statement, the secretariat in charge of Marcelo Ebrard reported that the defendant companies “They presented defenses to try to stop the litigation”. So the federal administration will act accordingly to continue with the trial.

In the same statement, the SRE states that this response was already planned, so the SRE, in coordination with other federal agencies, prepares the arguments and evidence to respond to the court to the defenses of the defendant companies.

Likewise, it was reported that both the Mexican government’s reply and the private companies’ counter-reply already have a scheduled date to continue with the legal process.

“The Government of Mexico will present its reply on January 31, 2022 and, subsequently, the companies will deliver a reply to the Court on February 28 of that same year.”

They also notified that the follow-up of this case will be done in person in the instances established by the United States government. Finally, the SRE announced that the coverage of this case will not be carried out through any means of communication, so the secretariat will be the only official instance to disseminate the progress of the process.

“Such allegations will be addressed precisely in the reply brief and before the court. In no way will this case be litigated in the media “

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