Santiago Cafiero contacted the Chilean Foreign Minister to decompress the diplomatic tension after Bielsa’s statements

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero (Pablo Duberti / press chief of staff)

The Argentine Chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, he communicated this afternoon with his Chilean counterpart Andres Allamand, to whom he reiterated Argentina’s decision to “Work with the government that is the winner once the electoral process is over” in Chile.

Both communicated by phone for a few minutes to try to clarify the uncomfortable situation that was generated this Monday when the Argentine ambassador to Chile, Rafael Bielsa, described José Antonio Kast, the winner of the Chilean presidential elections, as “antiargentino” and “xenophobic”.

According to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs anticipated Infobae, the relationship with Chile will follow a path of “Absolute normality” and they remembered that Bielsa’s expressions “They were in a personal capacity”. Thus the Government distanced itself from the ambassador’s position.

News in development ….

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