Over 500,000 people in 4 months of joining the special high school employment insurance

▲ File photo, Reporter Ki-hoon Jeong

The number of specially-employed workers who signed up for employment insurance exceeded 500,000. It has been four months since I started joining in July of this year. It is estimated that 1 million people are eligible for 12 occupations covered by employment insurance, and about half of them appear to have settled in the employment insurance system. The Ministry of Employment and Labor plans to identify specially-employed workers who are missing employment insurance even in their income reports to the National Tax Service, and to promote the participation ex officio from this month.

On the 22nd, the Ministry of Labor and the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation announced that there were 503,218 special employment workers in 12 occupations, including insurance solicitors, courier drivers, and credit card member solicitors, who are covered by employment insurance as of the 10th. 7,388 after-school instructors who have registered for membership, but are in ‘deferred payment’ status due to problems with the registration process, are missing. After-school instructors are currently receiving registration reports for each school, and the employer responsible for paying insurance premiums is the local superintendent of education. The Ministry of Labor will determine who is eligible for employment insurance by March 15 and notify the superintendent of education.

The Ministry of Labor estimates that there are 1 million special high school workers in 12 occupations covered by employment insurance. However, it is expected that the number of special high school workers who earn 800,000 won or more and meet the eligibility for employment insurance under the age of 65 will be much lower. There are about 610,000 workers at the Industrial Accident Insurance Special High School, which is similar in scope to those covered by employment insurance.

So far, 6 out of 10 special high school workers who have signed up for employment insurance are insurance solicitors. 29719 people (57.8%) account for the largest share. It was followed by door-to-door salespeople (10.5%), delivery drivers (9.3%), and visiting lecturers (7.5%). Subscribers are concentrated in Seoul (74.4%) and Gyeonggi (9.4%), as 41.2% of insurance solicitors’ workplaces are located in Seoul. By age, those in their 50s (35.8%), 40s (32%), 30s (16%), 60s or older (10.6%), and 20s (5.5%) are in order. In terms of gender, there were more females (64.8%) than males (35.2%).

Of the 24,830 workplaces that reported the establishment of a special high school employment insurance relationship, 12,17 (59.8%) had insured persons. By size, workplaces with fewer than 5 employees accounted for the most at 40.7%, followed by businesses with 10-29 employees at 33.6%. Businesses with 5 to 9 employees also accounted for 20.2%, accounting for the majority of businesses with less than 30 employees.

Special high school workers enrolled in employment insurance can receive unemployment benefits if they meet the requirements for employment insurance coverage for at least 12 months during the two years prior to leaving a job. Unlike ordinary workers, a decrease in income above a certain level is also a condition for supply and demand. If you signed up for employment insurance for more than 3 months before giving birth, you can also receive perinatal benefits.


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