A bill to allow the establishment of a mutual aid association for specially employed workers has been proposed

On the 22nd, Ahn Ho-young, a member of the National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee, proposed an amendment to the Basic Labor Welfare Act to provide a legal basis for special-employed workers to establish mutual aid associations. The main focus is on the establishment and operation of a labor mutual aid union.

The Labor Mutual Aid Association is defined as a mutual aid association whose purpose is to improve working conditions, promote welfare, and promote mutual aid among workers. It is intended to protect irregular workers who are not protected by the Labor Relations Act. Currently, special employment workers such as platform workers and freelancers are not covered by the Labor Relations Act and are pushed out of the social insurance system. In order to protect themselves by establishing a union, there is a difficulty in arguing whether or not to recognize worker status. When a labor cooperative is established, workers can gather in the name of the cooperative to share, share, and solidify risks.

The bill also made clear the government’s obligations. Every five years, the Minister of Employment and Labor consults with the heads of relevant central administrative agencies to establish a basic plan for the promotion of labor welfare. The government supports the establishment and operation of workers’ mutual aid organizations. Article 3 (Basic Principles of Labor Welfare Policy) of the Framework Act on Labor Welfare states that “labor welfare policies should include administrative and financial support necessary for workers, etc. to independently establish and operate mutual aid organizations in order to improve labor welfare.” newly established Operation-related details such as conditions for joining the labor mutual aid union, reasons for payment of deductibles, and methods of creating a labor mutual aid fund were also included.

Rep. Ho-young Ahn expected, “If the amendment bill is passed, special type workers and irregular workers who have had difficulty forming a union will have the power to fight against unreasonable situations through the labor mutual aid union.”


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