Zuluaga defeated María Fernanda Cabal with more than double the votes, for her “God’s times are perfect”

Bogotá, September 16, 2021. Senator, María Fernanda Cabal. (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera)

Maria Fernanda Cabal It was the great loser in the polls carried out by the Democratic Center throughout the country to choose the candidate of the political party for the presidential elections scheduled in May 2022. Oscar Iván Zuluaga orbwas just over double the support obtained by the current senator of the Republic.

The election of Zuluaga as the candidate of the Democratic Center was made official after the results of 4,200 polls carried out in Colombia by the firms Yanhaas and the National Consulting Center.

“Each firm sent their respective representatives, who carried the results in sealed envelopes, which were opened in the presence of both the director Nubia Stella Martinez, as of the five candidates for the presidency of the republic, the guarantor committee, the oversight committee and the external audit: Tempo Group ”, the party reported.

46% of those surveyed, that is, 1,932 citizens, voted for Zuluaga. Meanwhile, 21% gave their confidence to María Fernando Cabal, who despite the support received in recent days on social networks, was defeated by a distance by who won the 2018 presidential elections in the first round, although in the second round the one chosen by the majority of the Colombians was Juan Manuel Santos.

The third place was occupied by Paloma Valencia (with 13% of the votes), followed by Alirio Barrera (12%) and Rafael Nieto (8%).

After his election, Zuluaga commented: “Thanks to those who supported us! And to those who supported other candidates: I invite you to join this project. Tlet’s work for a Colombia that tolerates differences, but never inequalities “, and recognized the work that President Iván Duque, the candidate of the Democratic Center, has done in the 2018 elections, “the story of his government’s achievements has not been told, and it is a pending task for all of us.”

María Fernanda Cabal’s reaction

Although Cabal did not have the desired support of the Democratic Center in her goal of becoming the first president of Colombia, she affirmed that she will continue working on it and thanked those who supported her in this attempt. In a video shared on social media, he commented:

“Thank you for joining the Soy Cabal team, which is getting bigger and bigger and we will continue to be because it doesn’t end here, this is just a stage along the way. Remember that God’s times are perfect, now we have to concentrate on good ideas, on principles and values ​​that do not go out of style, on continuing to gather that desire from the regions that deserve to be prosperous, because this country gives for everyone ”.

He also expressed himself after the voting Rafael Nieto, the candidate who least supported of those surveyed received. “All the support, all the effort, all the work so that this candidacy is successful. The unity of the party is with him. This was a transparent process, I want to thank the director of the party because she gave clear rules of the game in choosing the candidate And I want to thank the candidates who participated in this process because I learned enormously and enjoyed this exercise. With Óscar Iván, until the end, we will win at 22 ″, he said in a video.

For its part, Paloma Valencia he trilled: “All the support for our candidate, Óscar Iván Zuluaga. We will work so that he is the next President of Colombia ”.

In their social networks, Alirio Barrera, another of the candidates from the Democratic Center, only dared to say: “GOD’s times are perfect.”


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