When is a master’s degree available?

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Some career paths are not even possible without a master’s degree. © Markus Hibbeler / dpa-tmn

If you feel like it, you can start your professional life straight away after completing a bachelor’s degree. Or should it be a master? A student advisor explains what is important when making a decision.

Nürnberg / Greifswald – Masters or not? Sometimes the answer to this question is very simple. According to student advisor Stefan Hatz from the University of Greifswald, a master’s degree is “simply part of the job” in certain academic professions.

In an article on “abi.de”, the study advisor cites the public service or a university career as well as teaching as examples. In some federal states, prospective teachers acquire a Master of Education alongside the state examination.

Better job chances with a master’s degree?

In other subjects, a master’s degree can serve to specialize or improve job opportunities. According to Hatz, when making a decision, it is important to find out more and ask yourself where you want to go professionally later.

A basic distinction is made between postgraduate and postgraduate master’s programs. For the former, a very specific bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite. On the other hand, students from different departments come together in further education master’s courses. As a rule, however, professional experience is required, says Hatz.

Master’s courses with admission restrictions

Whoever has decided whether he or she wants to do a master’s degree must ultimately still get a place at the university. Some courses have restricted admission, the article says. According to Hatz, what counts for the application are, for example, the bachelor’s grade, professional experience or a letter of motivation. dpa


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