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Right-wing Kast and left-wing Boric to contest second round in Chile

SANTIAGO: The right-wing José Antonio Kast and the left-wing Gabriel Boric, with antagonistic programs and concepts of the future of Chile, went on Sunday to a second round that will be defined on December 19.

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Kast and Boric, the antagonistic candidates who go to the second round in Chile

SANTIAGO: One vindicates the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, the other grew from the student protests of 2011. José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric were the most voted candidates on Sunday in the elections in Chile, so now Chileans will have to choose in a second round between these two candidates who represent diametrically opposed political and economic ideas.

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Chavismo sweeps Venezuelan elections by winning Caracas and 20 of 23 states

CARACAS: The ruling Chavismo won the mayoralty of Caracas and 20 of the 23 governorates in Venezuela’s regional elections on Sunday, in a process in which the opposition participated again after years of boycotts and calls for abstention.

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Presidential campaign closes in Honduras, with accusations of drug trafficking and corruption

TEGUCIGALPA: The campaign for the presidential elections of November 28 closed on Sunday in Honduras, with accusations of corruption and drug trafficking launched between the parties of favorites Nasry Asfura (ruling party, right) and Xiomara Castro (left).

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Austria is confined as cholera grows in Europe

VIENNA: Austria officially entered confinement this Monday, a radical measure that sparked protests over the weekend, as in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, or in Guadeloupe, the French department of the Antilles, where the return of the restrictions due to the covid -19 generates a violent revolt.

(Austria health virus epidemic demonstrations – 16H00 GMT)

Vehicle crashes Wisconsin Christmas parade, leaves dead and wounded

WAUKESHA, USA: A vehicle crashed into a Christmas parade Sunday night in the northern US state of Wisconsin, causing deaths and injuries.

(USA Christmas violence accident – Now available)

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