Today the friends of Lucas González and the three police officers accused of the crime will testify

Friends of Lucas González at his wake (Télam)

The three friends of Lucas Gonzalez who were in the same car that was shot by three City policemen last Wednesday in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas will testify this Monday before the prosecutors who are carrying out the investigation of the fact, while the parents of the deceased teenager were summoned for Tuesday next.

The witnesses will appear before the prosecutors around 9 a.m. Leonel Gómez Barbella and Andrés Heim to relate his version of what happened, after interviewing personnel from the Directorate of Orientation, Accompaniment and Victim Protection.

For their part, the three police officers accused by the prosecution of the murder, Fabián López, José Nievas and Gabriel Isassi, were transferred from the headquarters of the Superintendency of Investigations of the Argentine Federal Police to the Mayor of the Buenos Aires Courts shortly after 7 in the morning. It is estimated that the three agents will be investigated during the morning, after Judge Martín Del Viso ordered their arrests.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday they will do the same Cintia Lopez and Mario Gonzalez, Lucas’s parents, who will provide information that may be important to the cause.

Lucas González was 17 years old.  He died after being shot in the head.  Three city policemen in the sights of Justice
The young man was a footballer of the lower Barracas Central

The situation of the three city policemen, who remain in custody, it was complicated in the last hours with a new accusation. On Saturday night, after the suspects turned themselves in at Community Police Station 4 in Parque Patricios, the prosecutor Leonel Gómez Barbella, in charge of the investigation of the case, required that are also charged with the attempted murder of Lucas’s three friends who were traveling in the Volkswagen Surán van, with the footballer from Barracas Central in the passenger seat.

“According to the account of the facts, temporarily finds legal qualification in the crime of attempted homicide doubly aggravated for having been committed by members of the police forces abusing their functions and maliciously; the crime of aggravated homicide by having been committed by members of the police forces abusing their functions and with treachery; the crime of ideological falsehood and illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by functional abuse, all of them in ideal competition ”, affirmed Gómez Barbella in the letter. The new request for imputation was added to that of the alleged aggravated homicide of Lucas, whose penalty is life imprisonment.

The document addressed to Judge Martín del Viso also has the signature of the prosecutor Andrés Heim, head of PROCUVIN, the wing of the Attorney General’s Office that investigates crimes of institutional violence. For both officials, the uniformed men tried to forge an alleged criminal act to hide their actions: the victim’s friends were detained and sent to a juvenile institute to later be dismissed by Juvenile Court No. 4, which declared itself incompetent.

Meanwhile, the remains of Lucas González already rest on a plot of land in the Iraola Park Cemetery, in the town of Guillermo Hudson, province of Buenos Aires, after being veiled in the Colonial farmhouse of Florencio Varela, where family and friends gave the boy the last goodbye and demanded justice for his death. The president of the Argentine Football Association and the Club Atlético Barracas Central was even there, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, who accompanied the relatives of the victim, but did not make any statements.

However, before the wake, the minor’s body underwent surgery due to a joint decision of the family: all the athlete’s organs were donated, as confirmed by the deceased soccer player’s mother.

“Somewhere in this country my son’s heart is going to keep beating. I donated the organs. I don’t know who the person is going to be, but they will take out their lungs or their heart. He was a very healthy boy ”, said Cintia through tears in dialogue with Radio 10.

On the other hand, the parents of the murdered teenager called for today at 6:00 p.m. a candlelight march at the door of the Buenos Aires Courts to demand justice.

On Monday we called for a peaceful march with a candle and Argentine flags, in front of the Palace of Courts. That this does not happen again, that one more Lucas does not happen. I do not care about politics, it is important to me to do justice for my son because I no longer have him, “said the father of the murdered young man.


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