The Czech Republic and Elovakia return to peak levels of covid infections


Prague, Nov 22 (EFE) .- Slovakia and the Czech Republic return to the top positions in the world, along with Slovenia and Austria, in terms of incidence of covid contagion, with 1,229 and 929 positives in seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively.
While in Slovakia the government considers following the example of neighboring Austria, which has just announced the mandatory vaccine against covid-19 as of next February, in the Czech Republic that is ruled out for the moment.
“I am convinced that there is no way out without vaccines, if we do not want the waves and ‘lockdowns’ (confinements) to repeat themselves,” Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger told local media on Monday.
The head of the coalition of conservatives, liberals and populists specified: “The mandatory vaccine for those over 65 or 60 would be ideal. It depends on the experts. I think it also makes sense for those over 50.”
Slovakia is the world leader in infections, with 4,544 positives this Sunday and a cumulative incidence rate in the last week of 1,229 positives per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest in the world, according to the observer Our World in Data from the University of Oxford (UK).
In the Central European country, with only 43% of its 5.4 million inhabitants fully vaccinated, there are currently 3,021 people hospitalized with covid, of which 82% do not have the full guideline, and 530 of those people are in a state. serious.
With more than 8,000 infections in the last 24 hours, the Czech Republic announced on Monday the worst value for a Sunday, when the number of PCR tests is lower than in the rest of the week.
The accumulated rate in the last week rises to 929, according to the British observer, the fourth worst record in the world, after Slovakia (1,229), Slovenia (1,090) and Austria (1,044).
In this country, of 10.7 million inhabitants, with only 58% of the population vaccinated with the full schedule, there are about 5,000 hospitalized people, of which two thirds are unvaccinated.
Although the hospital situation is not considered critical yet, the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtech, announced today that he will propose in the Council of Ministers to re-declare a state of emergency, at the request of the health authorities.
In this way, human resources can be allocated to the most affected eastern regions of the country, such as Olomouc, Zlin and South Moravia, where there are symptoms of “exhaustion” among health personnel, Vojtech said.
The government in office does not contemplate the mandatory vaccination, according to Alena Schillerova, Minister of Finance and head of the parliamentary group of the ruling ANO party, declared last night.
The outgoing government, led by magnate Andrej Babis, prefers to incentivize vaccination with a controversial campaign, which shows the horror of covid patients in hospitals. EFE

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