Survey: Germans see the USA as a partner again

Status: 11/22/2021 5:03 p.m.

Under US President Trump, the German-American relationship was at a low point. A year after he was voted out, the ratio has improved significantly, as a recent survey shows.

Since Joe Biden moved into the White House, the US’s reputation among Germans has changed noticeably: 71 percent of them see relations with the US as good or very good again. In the previous year this value was only 18 percent. This was the result of a survey carried out on behalf of the Körber Foundation in September and October among more than 1,100 eligible voters. It was carried out by the opinion research institute Kantar Public.

For 44 percent of those surveyed, the USA is the most important partner worldwide – ahead of France (27 percent). This is particularly true in the areas of defense and NATO as well as free trade and democracy / human rights. This relates less to the issues of climate protection and dealing with China.

In the United States too, attitudes towards the relationship have improved. 85 percent of Americans currently rate their relations with Germany as good or very good. In 2020 it was 74 percent. This is shown by the study carried out in parallel by the Pew Research Center in the USA.

China is more at risk than Russia

Only 19 percent of Germans find close relationships with China more important than with the USA. A clear majority of 67 percent of those surveyed find close ties to the United States more important.

For the first time since 2017, a majority of Germans (55 percent) perceive the growing influence of China as negative. Nine percent rate it as positive and 34 percent as neutral.

Compared to Russia, China is perceived as a greater threat to values ​​in Germany. While 26 percent see a major threat in China, only 16 percent of those questioned in relation to Russia.

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