Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad build ultrafiltration system for 3 million euros

Impurities occurred

In the past, for example, heavy rain led to microbial contamination and strong cloudiness at the sources. The raw water comes from the rivers Lappach and Kälbertal.

“With the installation of the new system, the Bad Wildbad municipal utility is laying the foundation for a future-oriented water supply,” said Environment Minister Thekla Walker. “This is an important investment with which the citizens of Bad Wildbad can continue to rely on clean and impeccable drinking water in the future.”

Ozone system is being replaced

So far, the treatment of the raw water at the Enzklösterle waterworks has been carried out by means of four multi-layer filters connected in parallel. These were filled with hydro-anthracite and half-burnt dolomite.

In addition, ozone was added on the way from the raw water pumps to the multilayer filters. The filters that are currently still in use clean and deacidify the raw water; at the same time the residual ozone is removed.

20 liters per second

With the new ultrafiltration system, the ozone system is superfluous. Like the staircase, it is to be dismantled. The space gained serves as a location for the future plant. It will consist of four streets, each with a throughput of 20 liters per second, they say.

The existing multi-layer filters are also to be converted into pure deacidification single-layer filters. For the implementation of all measures, the municipal utility expects costs of around 3.09 million euros. (jk)

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