Soccer.- The Acrobatic Drone begins to record images of all LaLiga Santander stadiums

18-10-2020 LaLiga Logo DEPORTES LALIGA


LaLiga has started to record images of all LaLiga Santander stadiums thanks to a drone called ‘acrobatic’, due to its ability to record any corner of the stadium, from the dressing room tunnels to the structure of a roof, within the framework of a project of the competition together with the production company of the competition, Mediapro.

Thus, the drone is in charge of filming all the stadiums to create an image bank that will serve to feed the match signal and LaLiga Santander’s own production programs, and thus offer “a unique and immersive experience” to all fans of the game. Spanish football.

For this, Iván Merino, two-time Spanish champion of drone racing, is during these days visiting each of the stadiums with a very small and light drone that allows him to make fast and dizzying movements, as well as sneak into all the nooks and crannies of the Stadium. Thanks to them, fans will be able to see kitchens, changing rooms, offices, tunnels, stands, corridors or decks.

The drone’s battery is so small to support its movements that each flight lasts only 3 minutes. In addition, Merino has incorporated a disassembled and customized Go Pro 10 camera so that it weighs as little as possible, while maintaining 5K quality. It is a drone that does not have a stabilizer or sensors, it is all manual to be able to do all kinds of stunts. All in all, this drone is capable of reaching 180 km / h in one second, which means greater acceleration than that of a Formula 1 or MotoGP.

“At LaLiga we are immersed in a continuous process of improving our audiovisual productions to create better content for our fans around the world. The incorporation of these innovative recordings with acrobatic drones allows us to present in a spectacular and immersive way all the corners of the LaLiga Santander stadiums, “said LaLiga Audiovisual Director, Melcior Soler.

“This technological innovation will further enrich LaLiga broadcasts, improving the audiovisual experience of viewers around the world. The images captured by the drone will allow us to see places never seen before from the inside,” said Òscar Lago, Head of Production at MEDIAPRO .

The Camp Nou, San Mamés or the Wanda Metropolitano are some of the stadiums that have already been shot, which will be followed by the rest in the coming days, so it will soon be seen on all operators with LaLiga rights, both national and international.

This audiovisual novelty from LaLiga adds to the drone that is already used during matches to make live aerial shots, the multi-camera signal to enjoy the game with different simultaneous windows, the aerial camera, the cinematographic camera, the 360a repetition, etc.

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