Should Rafael Bielsa be fired?

Rafael Bielsa, Argentine Ambassador to Chile

It is not true that a politician cannot comment on internal issues in another country. On the contrary, the phenomenon of Regional integration – taking the European model – promotes the creation of “Political families” that are organized and articulated by political parties and Regional Parliaments. This process is virtuous and strengthens the political, economic and cultural coordination between nations that were built by fighting each other and ended up understanding that peace is a much more positive instrument than war..

From the embrace of San Martin and O’Higgins In 1818, after the battle of Maipú, Argentina and Chile have developed a relationship that has had shades of gray but that, finally, has found the fruitful path of cooperation and integration for the mutual benefit of our peoples. It is characteristic of becoming democratic that the political and ideological alternation generates coincidences and divergences typical of these dynamic processes, which always have to move away from dogmatism in order to mature in coexistence and growing convergence.

In the last hours, he had statements that surprised: “If one takes public demonstrations as an element of judgment, Kast has exhibited his anti-Argentinism as one more label for the phrases he utters. From telling us that we have historically stolen territories, that we have to stop stealing territories from Chile, to all kinds of xenophobic expressions against Argentines, that I have them filed, registered, read and studied“, Affirmed in dialogue with the journalist Reynaldo Sietecase on Radio Con Vos.

An Argentine ambassador cannot and should not condemn the result of an exemplary electoral process – ongoing – that only deserves our most decided applause for its impeccable democratic republicanism. Your personal opinion – that of the ambassador – should be saved for the moment when you stop fulfilling the important and delicate task of representing all Argentines abroad.

For this reason, the Government must make it easier for him to fully regain the freedom to express himself from the political bias he wishes, but not as an Argentine ambassador to the Government and the Chilean people. Any other attitude would be to validate their unfortunate and inopportune opinions.

Bye, bye, Rafael.


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