Ridley Scott does not stop: confirmed that “Blade Runner” will have a television series

Ridley Scott confirmed that “Blade Runner” will have a series in the middle of an interview with the BBC. (Courtesy photo)

2021 continues to be an intense year for the director of two of the franchises that marked science fiction cinema. With the premiere of The last duel and the imminent arrival in theaters of the world of Gucci’s house, Ridley Scott evidence that the years do not weigh on him and film production is his thing. But beyond his love and closeness to the seventh art, he also plans to land with everything in the television format.

Just days ago, the producer also confirmed that he will begin filming the series of Alien in Thailand during March 2022. With that project underway, he also announced that the series of Blade Runner is already in process: “We have presented the pilot of Blade Runner and the Bible. It will be a ten-hour television series “, said the director of Mission: rescue in a radio interview with the BBC.

After Blade Runner 2049, the movie he directed Denis Villeneuve which achieved moderate critical and general public success, this is Ridley Scott’s first approach to a new project of Blade Runner, but for TV. In that sequel, Ryan Gosling was the great protagonist embodying K. But the aforementioned, also had the return of Harrison Ford, with Roger Deakins as director of photography and the music of Hans Zimmer. At one point there was talk of the possibility of a sequel. The results were not as good as expected and there was no news about it. Finally, television would be the chosen format.


In the animation field, an anime called Blade Runner: Black Lotus, which can be seen by HBO MAX and Crunchyroll where he gets fully into the universe of the original film but focused on other characters. Set set in Los Angeles in 2032 and directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama, this animated series focuses on the life of a young woman who loses her memory but gains new skills, an encrypted device, and a tattoo of a black lotus that gives her name. to fiction. Later on, the enemies will serve as answers to follow your story.

On the production of television series with real actors based on the franchises led by Ridley Scott, what is known is that Alien will premiere in FX for the United States (in Latin America it could be seen by Star +) in 2023 and its showrunner will be the talented Noah Hawley, author who managed to give a life of its own to another television adaptation as Fargo, based on the Coen brothers movie (available to watch on Netflix).

The team from the spin-off Alien, based on Alien, the eighth passenger (1979), enthuses and prepares the ground for a good adaptation of the project in 10 chapters of Blade Runner. There are still no precise details on who will be the protagonists, if it will be a sequel or spin-off, but there is a confirmation that the project will expand the universe already created.

These statements by the director emerged in the middle of a promotional tour of The House of Gucci, a film that hits theaters this week in Latin America and that will tell the shocking true story of the family empire behind the Italian fashion house Gucci. Through three decades of love, betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately murder, the film will delve into what a name means, its worth, and how far a family will go for control.

After that premiere, Scott is already working on Kitbag, his next film and that will have at the center of the story Napoleon bonaparte interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix. He also confirmed that the script for Gladiator 2 is finished. The story would follow Lucius, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of Commodus (Phoenix), 25 or 30 years after the events of the Oscar-winning film.


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