Public Transport Union “Guaranteed to hold a general rally on the 27th”

▲ Reporter Shin Hoon

The public transport union urged the Seoul Metropolitan Government to guarantee the holding of the general rally on the 27th. The KCTU filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 13th, arguing that the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s notice to ban assemblies in relation to the National Workers’ Convention violated basic rights.

The public transport union held a press conference in Seoul Plaza on the morning of the 22nd and said, “The government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government should stop the witch hunt on the groundless of the union.” he demanded “Excessive restrictions and bans on assemblies and demonstrations not only infringe on basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution, but will inevitably lead to greater social chaos,” he said.

At the press conference that day, it was pointed out that the government and local governments were putting strict standards only on gatherings. “The political activities of large parties to select presidential candidates are being carried out with the participation of many supporters,” said Langhee, an activist of the Public Power Surveillance Response Team. 19 We have no choice but to question whether the quarantine is justified.” Attorney Jong-hoon Lee (Minbyun Labor Relations Commission) said, “If the freedom of assembly is reduced for workers and the public, who have no choice but to communicate their opinions through assemblies, the channels to participate in the socio-economic decision-making process are blocked.” Infringing on freedom of assembly for a reason is like a declaration to exclude the vulnerable from society.”

Hong Jong-pyo, head of the irregular branch of the Korea Gas Corporation of the labor union, said, “Many workers suffering from Corona 19 are clamoring for their lives, but the government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government are suppressing the cry of many workers who are screaming in pain with the excuse of quarantine.” Branch manager Hong has been holding a hunger strike for the 20th day, urging for a proper conversion to a full-time job.

The KCTU held a press conference in front of the Human Rights Commission in Jung-gu, Seoul on the same day and submitted a complaint. The main content of the petition is that the mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-hoon, infringed on the basic right of freedom of assembly and demonstration stipulated in Article 21 of the Constitution by banning assemblies planned by the KCTU and industrial unions without any reasonable reason.

Acting Chairman Yoon Taek-geun of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU) appealed, “The Human Rights Commission should correct the erroneous reality that workers are becoming criminals due to the city’s erroneous treatment.” According to the KCTU, △World Labor Day Commemorative Convention (May 1) △ National Workers’ Congress (July 3) △ General Strike Convention (October 20) △ National Workers’ Congress (November 13) to inherit the spirit of Jeon Tae-il About 80 officials from the KCTU and industrial unions were summoned by the police.

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