Pedro Castillo promulgated a law that extends automatic baccalaureate until 2023

Archive image of the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo (c). EFE / Paolo Aguilar

This Monday, the president Pedro Castillo was present at the ceremony of promulgation of the law that extends the deadline to obtain the automatic baccalaureate until the academic year 2023.

It should be noted that this new law is intended to benefit students, who, due to the health emergency produced by COVID-19 have been affected. This ceremony was made official by the Executive and was held outside the Government Palace.

This morning we promulgated a very important law, a law that exceptionally extends the baccalaureate until 2023. Thanks to this rule, our students will be able to access this document that will allow them to get opportunities, enter the world of work and forge a better future.. I want to emphasize that this law is the product of consensus between different institutions ”, maintained the Head of State.

Legislators, rectors of public and private universities, student representatives, as well as other authorities linked to the education sector were also present in this enactment.


The rector of the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM), Jeri Ramón Ruffner, was present at the Law Enactment ceremony to obtain the automatic baccalaureate until 2023.

“Today I must recognize the beginning of a commitment in education. This is a dream that we have always waited for, the look towards education. This pandemic tells us, we no longer have to continue thinking for tomorrow, but rather that the work has to be done for today and yesterday, thinking of this youth of the future, of this divine treasure, they are the present and the future “, he assured.

During his speech, he did not hesitate to thank and support the president, Pedro Castillo, for promulgating the autograph of the law that extends the term to obtain the automatic baccalaureate for the benefit of the thousands of students in the country.

We have a commitment to education, who speaks to him, the first woman, after 470 years, elected as rector in our beloved alma mater, I can say that I have not entered to be a painting that is hanging on the wall, that I am not rector of four walls, that I am the rector of the people, for the people and that I will work tirelessly for this youth”He insisted.

“I believe that all human beings and professionals when we get to achieve our dream goals, what we have to do is think about this youth, what we are going to leave them and how they are going to meet their dreams and expectations”, ended.


In turn, the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo He congratulated this new norm and assured that there is nothing more important than strengthening the foundations of education in our country.

“I want to tell you with that same frankness and sincerity that we are going through a crisis in the education sector and it must be made clear that this crisis is not generated by the pandemic, what the pandemic does is make it bigger. It is an educational crisis that is decades old. I have had the privilege of growing old in university classrooms, surrounded by young people and it has been rewarding and satisfying “, he emphasized.

“Those classrooms are missed, so I am also sure that young people miss those experiences that are lived in the classrooms. This basic education, please, let’s be honest we are the last in America to return to the classroom, we are also the last in the education-oriented budget allocation. Are we not the last in school health and our students beat records of anemia and malnutrition?, expressed the minister.

“For decades what has really had to be done has not been done. Not everything is lost”, expressed the head of the education sector.


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