Minute by minute, the march for Lucas González: a crowd came to the Courts to ask for Justice

A crowd gathers in front of the Courts

Son friends, family and neighbors that, just over 30 hours after giving the painful and final goodbye to Lucas Gonzalez (17) in the Parque Iraola Cemetery, in the Buenos Aires locality of Guillermo Hudson; on this hot Monday in November, they got on several buses and cars in Florencio Varela and began the sad caravan towards the Palace of Courts, where they march to ask Justice.

The main concentration, scheduled for this Monday from 7:00 p.m. at the door of the Talcahuano courthouse at 550 -which was fenced-, has two slogans expressly requested by Lucas’s parents: without political flags and with a lit candle.

Mario González and Cintia López arrived there minutes before 19, Lucas’s parents, with T-shirts demanding Justice for their son. Like dozens of friends, family and neighbors, aboard buses and cars that traveled from Florencio Varela to the City of Buenos Aires.

The idea of ​​stopping at the Obelisk and making the way on foot to Plaza Lavalle was truncated and suddenly the vehicles appeared in Talcahuano and Lavalle, where the Buenos Aires Courts are located, and where people began to gather at 6:30 p.m. “My house, my neighborhood and my clothes are not a crime”On the back said the T-shirt of a young woman who on the front had a photo of Lucas with the Barracas Central shirt and who was asking for Justice.

Lucas González was 17 years old
Lucas González was 17 years old

At the same time, five minutes before 7 p.m., the applause They followed one another as a reception for a family in mourning over the death of the teenager shot by three City Police in Barracas. With batucadas and Argentine flags, the main column began to nurture the streets in front of the Courts and the parents got on the stage mounted and where Mario and Cintia will speak.

In the place, there were also the parents of Fernando Baez Sosa: “We come to give back some of what they gave us”, they told Infobae. From the stage, a man asked that “All be in peace”, seconds before Lucas’s younger brother looked at the crowd on the platform.

The batucada sounded loud and the cry was: “Lucas did not die, Lucas did not die, Lucas lives in Varela, the p … mother who gave birth to him “.

By buses from Florencio Varela they reached the Courts
By buses from Florencio Varela they reached the Courts

The case

Precisely in the Courts, earlier, two of the three City police officers accused of killing the youth soccer player from Barracas Central Palacio de Tribunals, admitted to having shot at the car in which the boy and three other friends were traveling.

One of the policemen assured that he fired because the car was thrown at him, according to him; and the other who heard shots and fired because he saw that he hit his teammates “, as he could know Infobae from sources of the investigation this Monday.

The third defendant did not answer questions from prosecutors Leonel Gómez Barbella and Andrés Heim but yes broke down in tears twice and offered an attempt to clarify what were the tasks that he carried out together with his colleagues dressed in civilian clothes and in a car without police identification in the vicinity of the 21-24 neighborhood: he assured that they were carrying out work for an operation against drug trafficking to following a court order.

The three policemen charged in the death of Lucas
The three policemen charged in the death of Lucas

That Wednesday, November 17, around 10 o’clock, Lucas and his friends were in a Volkswagen Suran because they had finished training in Barracas Central. Before continuing on their journey, they stopped to buy a juice in the surroundings of the village 21-24. The tragedy occurred seconds later.

According to the police statement, the car in which Lucas was traveling with his teammates had had movements “compatible with drug trafficking maneuvers.” All of Lucas’s friends who were traveling in the car revealed during the last days that they tried to escape from the police, since they were not identified and were pointing guns at them. They assured that they thought they were thieves and that they wanted to rob them.

This afternoon, those boys who were with Lucas – who were initially arrested and referred to the Inchaust Children’s Institute – testified as witnesses at the 32nd Prosecutor’s Office.

The truth is that the situation of the three policemen of the City, who remain detained, it got complicated in the last hours. On Saturday night, after the suspects turned themselves in at the Communal Police Station 4 in Parque Patricios, the prosecutor Barbella required that they also be charged by the attempted murder of the three friends of Lucas who were traveling in the Volkswagen Surán.

According to the account of the facts, it temporarily finds legal classification in the crime of attempted murder doubly aggravated for having been committed by members of the police forces abusing their functions and with treachery; the crime of aggravated homicide by having been committed by members of the police forces abusing their functions and with treachery; the crime of ideological falsehood and the illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by functional abuse, all of them in ideal competition“Said Gómez Barbella in the letter.

The new imputation order was added to that of alleged aggravated homicide of Lucas, whose penalty is life imprisonment.

(Photos: Franco Fafasuli)


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