Meistro Energie relies on automated offers

Simple procedure

During the process, offers can be pre-calculated in CRM and automatically filled with customer data in advance. After the offer has been completed, it is transferred to ITC PowerCommerce®, i.e. to the customer portal, and a confirmation email is sent to the business customer. If the customer clicks on the link in it, the offer opens and he can view all offer data such as product and price information, data on the delivery point and personal data and add missing data.

If all the data are correct, the customer accepts the offer and the information is transferred back to the CRM.

Process without media disruption

When the offer is accepted, a user account is automatically created for the Meistro customer portal or the new contract is assigned to an existing user account. As a result, business customers go through the entire contract process online without media disruption, ”says André von Falkenburg, Head of Customizing and Authorized Signatory at ITC AG. (sg)

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