Magaly Medina downplays her notary’s romance with Giuliana Rengifo: “it reaches me highly”

Magaly Medina on her husband and ties with Giuliana Rengifo: “What he was able to do years ago when he was single reaches me highly.” (Capture: D-Day)

Magaly Medina, Although she avoided mentioning names, she decided to refer to the romance her husband had, Alfredo Zambrano, with Giuliana Rengifo. The ‘Urraca’ only indicated that this issue does not concern her. “Why should he scratch me, that’s his. The only thing I would say would be ‘what bad tastes you have’ “

The host of ‘Magaly TV: La Firme’ made it clear that there were no infidelities in their relationship, much less that it ended with a third discord.

“[…] We have a relationship with ups and downs, but I can say that so far there are no third parties. No one can say ‘I held onto the notary when he was with Magaly,’ he said.

She did not hesitate to clarify in front of the cameras and her husband that, if an infidelity had occurred, she would not become anyone’s unconditional, since she is an empowered and successful woman who would not put up with such disrespect.

“If that (infidelity) had happened I am not unconditional, I am an empowered and successful woman and he knows it. I don’t need anyone to mistreat me in that way, nor do I need anyone to disrespect me. Respect is basic in a relationship, he asserted.

However, Magaly hinted that the meeting between her now husband and the cumbia singer Giuliana Rengifo, Yes it would have happened, but when he was single, so he considers not taking importance on the subject.

“What he was able to do years ago when he was single reaches me highly. I’m never going to claim him. Also, he has never mentioned me (on the subject), I have never known. How am I going to ask how many did you bring into your house when you were single? Why am I going to ask you “.

“He refuses to die and multiplies by 0 all his relationships or adventures he has had”, the host of Magaly Tv ‘La Firme’ ended.


For ‘La Urraca’ the relationship began on January 8, 2011, but for the notary the relationship began on December 8, since that day Zambrano was able to kiss the television host.

“Before that (first kiss) he had been chasing me two years ago. When he gave me the first kiss, I had had quite a few wines. (The kiss) For him it was the culmination of two years of chasing me, which he had already paid attention to and the next day my lover was already hallucinating“Said the queen of the ampays with a laugh.

Zambrano said that, excited by the kiss, the next day he invited her to lunch, but that Medina “cheated” on him.


Giuliana Rengifo communicated with the program ‘América Hoy’ where she stated that she was calm because it was found that she told the truth and that this issue now “takes a back seat in my life”

“I already told my truth. They also clarified that I did not get into any relationship, which was when they were not there. It was what I wanted them to say, because they were not as a couple for six years. For me that is a peace of mind “said the singer.

He added that while Magaly medina multiplied by zero the love relationships of his notary, Giuliana He stressed that this is part of the show that the host of ‘Magaly Tv: La Firme’ does. “Those of us who are on TV know that in what way there can be an answer. At the time I had a lot of respect for her because she supported me a lot and made me beautiful videos and for her she called me the sexy bomb ”.


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