Lifetime presents a special programming for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

“Trapped in the Basement” will be featured on Lifetime’s special programming this week. (Courtesy photo)

The channel, which has always distinguished itself for its content focused on women, thinking about equality, inclusion and acceptance, will broadcast throughout this week a series of films that address real stories of women who have been physically and as violently violated. psychologically.

The ribbons may be green from today, November 22, and until next Thursday, November 25.

At ten at night in Mexico, nine at night in Colombia, and at eleven in Argentina and Chile, the audience will be able to see stories such as My story, Trapped in the basement, Mom’s disappearance and the documentary of the American gymnast and Olympic medalist: Aly Raisman: from darkness to light.

My story, to be broadcast this November 22, It centers its story on a dancer who decides to leave her career and her dreams behind, all to be with the man of her “dreams”. However, she soon realizes that he was not what she expected. After having suffered domestic violence and those dark times, she decides to rebuild her life and give love a second chance.

The 23 will be presented Trapped in the basement with the terrible story of Sara, a teenager who only hopes to come of age to get away from her controlling father. However, she does not count on him locking her in the basement so that he will never leave her side.

Mom’s disappearance to be broadcast on November 24, is based on the true story of Jennifer Dulos, a wealthy mother of five who mysteriously disappeared on May 24, 2019.

Jennifer thought she had found the man of her dreams when she met Fotis Dulos. This is how she decides to marry and form a home with him.

However, everything changes radically over the years, and days before her disappearance she is living a hell thanks to a marriage that has disintegrated and a fight for the custody of the children. So when he disappears, the first suspect is Fotis.

And finally, viewers will be able to on November 25 the documentary, Aly Raisman: from darkness to light. The story stars Aly Raisman, gymnast, American Olympic champion and captain of the national team at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics.

She recounts her suffering and the challenges she faced after being sexually abused and while training as an elite gymnast.

"My story" is another movie that will air on Lifetime this week and stars a dancer who suffers from domestic violence.  (Courtesy photo)
“My Story” is another movie that will air on Lifetime this week and stars a dancer who suffers from domestic violence. (Courtesy photo)

Lifetime and its campaign, The normal thing is that they love you

In addition to the special content that the channel will present during these days, it also announced the launch of its campaign, The normal thing is that they love you, with which it seeks to raise awareness and reject any type of violence against women: physical, psychological, economic, cultural and sexual.

The channel developed the campaign together with WAWA (Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association) and the Panama’s SerTV channel, and its objective is to send a message that every woman deserves respect and that “they always have a support group, with their friends, family, colleagues, specialized agencies and centers, so that they can rebuild their lives with those who they value and love ”.

It is worth mentioning that Lifetime has a microsite available to all women where it provides useful information on foundations and organizations in Latin America that advise on gender violence:


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