Jae-myung Lee’s ‘All-People’s Electoral Committee’ and Declare a “New Democratic Party”

▲ Candidate Jae-myung Lee’s SNS

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung announced on the 22nd that “I will now start a new Democratic Party, Lee Jae-myung, with the people’s aspirations for novelty, change, innovation, and reform.”

Candidate Lee said at the election meeting held at the National Assembly this morning, “I will fulfill my responsibilities through change and innovation while deeply reflecting and reflecting on[the people’s disappointment and anger].” On this day, four young people participated, and the election campaign advocated ‘all the people’s predecessor’ with the title of ‘Great transformation of Korea made with young people’. This is the first meeting Lee presided over after he decided on a full-scale renewal of the election committee at the emergency meeting of the National Assembly the day before and entrusted the renewal authority to him.

Lee Jae-myung bows his head in “complete self-reflection”

Candidate Lee said, “Young people should be the leaders of the present, not the future,” and “I once again apologize for creating the most vulnerable class in history and feel responsible.” He continued, “Not for victory in the presidential election, but beyond that victory, for the sake of the Republic of Korea and the future of the youth,” he said.

He added that the ‘new Democratic Party’ is “a capable and agile Democratic Party that leads reforms that are reflective and practical.” He bowed his head, saying, “I will do thorough self-reflection in every aspect.”

It was a series of apologies. Candidate Lee said, “I reflect on the fact that I did not humbly accept the criticism of the people and tried to shift the blame to others or external conditions. I admit that it is wrong to say that I am not responsible for the point that I did not prevent it.”

As the direction of ‘reform for people’s livelihood’, he suggested, “We will thoroughly review, judge, and implement the policy and agenda of the regular National Assembly, next year’s budget, and presidential campaign promises from the people’s perspective.” He confessed, “I heard a lot of painful questions about whether the people I met while traveling the country on the ‘Mata Bus’ had changed or had established a vested interest in Lee Jae-myung,” he said. “Some people hugged me and cried,” Lee said. I asked him to help the poor and the poor to live.” He promised, “I will use every minute of my power to the best of my ability to improve the suffering of the weak and their sufferings on this land.” He cried as he said this.

Shim Sang-jung, the end of the two-party system, will it work?

Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung threw a ‘win-win’ to end the huge two-party system. He held a press conference at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day and suggested to Ahn Cheol-soo, the presidential candidate of the People’s Party, “Let’s meet as soon as possible and without conditions,” saying, “I will start the third zone cooperation to end the two-party system.”

Candidate Shim said, “The change of government is now a command of the people. . He said, “The final conclusion of the 34-year bipartisan system is the politics of inner peace,” he said. Candidate Shim pointed out Candidate Ahn Cheol-soo as the first runner, saying, “The Korean society will actively meet anyone who agrees to change the era and change politics to end the two-party system.”

A line was drawn for unification. He said, “I have never mentioned the unification of candidates,” he said. Candidate Shim announced that he would propose to meet with Ahn and Kim Dong-yeon, a new wave presidential candidate in turn.


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