Intensive care physician on Corona: “Situation not under control”

Status: 11/22/2021 3:59 p.m.

In view of the increasing number of infections in Germany, the intensive care physicians warn: The situation is very worrying and not under control. Some intensive care units are overloaded. Chancellor Merkel calls on the countries to take drastic steps.

The intensive care medicine association DIVI is very concerned about the corona situation in Germany. DIVI President Gernot Marx said the pandemic was “currently not under control”. More than 3,670 Covid-19 patients are now being cared for in intensive care units in Germany, and just under 1200 were added last week.

Relocation to clinics, postponing operations

If the infection dynamics persist in the next few days and weeks and there continues to be an unchecked increase in seriously ill Covid 19 patients, there will be more transfers to other hospitals in the coming weeks, emphasized Marx. The previous high standard in patient treatment will then not be able to be maintained in all clinics.

As a result, general health care would no longer be available at the very high, accustomed level. However, every emergency and every Covid-19 patient is taken care of, emphasized Marx.

Saxony is preparing for “triage”

In regions with above-average incidences, hospitals had to struggle with “acute overload situations,” said Marx. Therefore, postponable but medically necessary operations would initially be canceled. The cases are already being prioritized.

According to the State Medical Association, Saxony has to prepare for triage. There are only a few beds available in the intensive care units in the Free State, said the President of the State Medical Association, Erik Bodendieck, the broadcaster Ed Info. If nothing changes, a selection must be made of who will be treated and who will not. “We have to triage, and I’ll discuss that again with my colleagues in the clinics this week.”

Bodendieck told Deutschlandfunk that the treatment of all patients was currently still affordable. With the prognoses, however, he assumes that Saxony will be so exposed to stress in the next few days that two people will “have to fight” for a bed. The consideration then is who has the better chance of a successful treatment.

The first clinics in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are fully utilized

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, the first hospitals are reporting that intensive care units are full. In the morning, according to the DIVI’s intensive register, this applied to four clinics: the Demmin district hospital, the KMG Klinik Boizenburg, the Ludwigslust hospital and the DRK hospital Grevesmühlen. Another 14 hospitals reported only limited capacities.

DIVI President Marx explained that the stress is also so great because exhausted nurses have reduced their working hours or even left their jobs. “That means around 4,000 fewer intensive care beds in Germany than a year ago.”

Marx appealed to politicians to arm themselves in the event that the corona spread continued unchecked. If the package agreed last week does not have sufficient effect, additional measures against the fourth wave should be prepared for December 9th.

Merkel: “A situation that will surpass everything”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also voiced her alarm about the corona situation in Germany: “We have a highly dramatic situation. What applies now is not sufficient,” said the executive chancellor after information from participants in the CDU federal executive committee in Berlin. “We have a situation that will surpass anything we have had before.”

You have to stop the exponential increase quickly, otherwise you will reach the limit of your ability to act, demanded Merkel. You have the impression that many people are no longer aware of the seriousness of the situation, she added, referring to the situation in the intensive care units.

Merkel calls for measures from countries

Even the necessary vaccination alone does not help now, she emphasized. Merkel called on the federal states to adopt drastic measures by November 24th, which would then be banned after the epidemic of national scope and in accordance with the new Infection Protection Act has expired. Regulations like 2G would simply no longer be sufficient to contain the infection rate.

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