Every day 22 people die in road accidents in Colombia: League against Road Violence

This Sunday, on the section of Carrera Séptima between streets 74 and 76 in the north of Bogotá, users of the capital’s bicycle lane found a lot of white mannequins lying on the asphalt and gravestones with names next to the type of vehicles they used when they died in a traffic accident. The objective of this intervention was to draw attention to the human lives that are lost on Colombian streets and highways. Mostly from the most vulnerable actors.

The League Against Road Violence was the organization that held the awareness event and warned that 22 people die daily in the country due to vehicle accidents. So at the end of the year 2,000 people could lose their lives if there is no awareness of what they call “a silent pandemic.”

In the historical record, the organization indicates that in the period From 2015 to 2020, 39,788 people have died in Colombia. Of that total, the most vulnerable, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, of whom the bodywork is their own body, representing 83% of the fatalities.

Young people also concentrate a large part of the victims. Of the total number of deaths in road accidents in the last five years, 15,072 have been under the age of 30, which represents 37% of the total victims. In other words, seven young people die daily in a vehicle accident in Colombia.

The report indicates that in that period the single use cars were responsible for the accidents that killed 7,676 pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, who are the most vulnerable road actors, which corresponds to 93% of the victims. In the same period, 3,318 people lost their lives in a car.

According to figures from Motor magazine, private vehicles caused the death of 8,217 people, of which 468 were drivers and passengers, 4,017 motorcyclists, 578 cyclists and 3,081 pedestrians. The collision with private cars It is the second cause of death, while the first (8,695 victims) are related to interaction with cargo and transport vehicles.

“There is a tolerance and social, political and economic indulgence in the face of deaths on the roads; many of the lives that have been lost could be saved if there is a commitment from all parties involved and we would give the same right to coexist in a space as vital as the roads to all vulnerable actors such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists; understanding, accepting and protecting their vulnerability ”, he assured LCVV.

The bell Safer cars seeks to raise awareness that deaths in road accidents are not only social or for their families, but also economic. It has been produced about 7 thousand lives turned off, more than 38 thousand seriously injured, 700 thousand injured who go through the health system every year and they constitute a true social drama that we ignore only until we become victims ourselves.

The organization points out that it is a global scourge that mainly affects low- and middle-income countries such as Colombia. In order to attract attention, he developed that performance in Carrera Séptima.

The event consisted of installing white mannequins in one of the vehicular lanes of the main avenue in the northeast of Bogotá. Next to them, tombstones were installed with the names of victims such as Armando, 22, who was a motorcyclist and dreamed of being an engineer. “And security what?” Questioned the slab.

This event took place on the third Sunday of November, the day on which, by decision of the World Health Organization and the United Nations, it is commemorated the World Day in Remembrance of Road Accident Victims. “The anniversary is an effective instrument to alert and make a call to action about a silent pandemic,” said the organization.


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