Due to the requirement of the vaccination card in stores, sales decreased by more than 35%, says Asobares

Bogota Bar (Colprensa)

Last weekend was the first with validity of the decree that ordered Require the vaccination card against covid-19 in the country to enter social events and bars. The balance for the union was not encouraging because, according to them, sales were reduced by 35 and there was no common influx.

The balance was issued by the Association of Bars of Colombia (Asobares), which brings together the owners of these establishments. According to them, between the nights of November 18 and 20, the first weekend of the measure, union members reported 40% less audience, which translated into a 35% reduction in sales.

To this is added, according to the balance, that There were attacks against the logistics and customer service personnel of the establishments in 11 cities, especially in Bogotá Cali, Medellín, Tunja and Ibagué. They are in charge of requiring the document to allow entry.

In the face of announcements such as the expansion to a complete vaccination scheme as a requirement from December 1, businessmen are increasingly concerned about the possibility of a “black December” “the guild pointed out. They also raised their voices of concern at a possible measure of dry law during the weekend of December 4-6 for inter-party consultations, which has generated massive cancellation of reservations, corporate events and other activities that were scheduled.

“The companies and users of the sector, in a weekend of the most important of the year which should not be affected by an electoral and democratic exercise that, historically, has had low participation and no impact on public order in the country and it does generate an immense economic and social impact, “said the union.

“We support the massive vaccination process as the basis for the economic reactivation that has allowed the sustainability of the business fabric and the recovery of more than 60 thousand jobs and occupations, especially for young people and women in recent months“Added Asobares, but they remain concerned about the outlook that is coming.

They warn that like the almost year and a half that the bars were closed during the months with the highest contagion of covid-19 in the country, the requirement of a vaccination card can lead to a reactivation of informal establishments, which do not ask for a card, they increase public health risks and affect the economic recovery of the formal sector.

The announcement of the requirement of the vaccination card with a complete scheme from December 1, will deepen the negative impact if progress is not made in a general vaccination with sufficient doses and access for everyone in the regions and municipalities, without lines as many citizens denounce. They were also evident this week, the technical problems of the web platform so that citizens and / or their EPS could upload their information and download the digital certificate”, Said the association.

Last Friday, November 19, President Iván Duque confirmed that by decision of the national government, all establishments that already require the vaccination card to allow the entry of clients, they should begin to check that they have complete immunization schedules.

The announcement is made amid the desire of the Colombian authorities to reach the goal of 70% of the country’s population fully immunized by December 31 of this year and that, given the current figures, would be in doubt at this time.

The owners of bars and discos submitted a request to the national government so that the date of requirement of the vaccination card is extended with a complete scheme, correct the errors of the web platform of digital certificates and not impose a dry law by December 5.

“We invite the general public to continue supporting the country’s formal night entertainment sector by going to the vaccination posts so that, together, we can continue to meet again in our spaces, night after night, in a safer way,” said Asobares.


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