Death in a San Clemente police station: what the only police officer who testified before the prosecutor told

“He did not resist us picking him up and putting the handcuffs on him, and at all times he said inconsistencies: that a hand had come out of the mattress that had shot him, that he was being chased.” That extract, to which he had access Infobae, is part of the statement of one of the nine policemen accused of the death of Alejandro Martínez (35) in a police station in San Clemente del Tuyú. She was the only one who spoke during the investigation before the prosecutor. The other 8 defendants were silent.

This is one of the agents who participated in the arrest at the Gran Hotel Fontainebleau de Martínez in the first minutes of November 18. Remember that the receptionist of the place that night called the Police for riots on the seventh floor, where the victim was staying and that, although he said that the man was not aggressive, he reported that he said inconsistencies. So they took him to the 3rd police station.

Before 2 o’clock on November 18, he would appear dead in the dungeon.

There is a witness who relates that Martínez entered excitedly and the three policemen reduced him to the ground. He was beaten and had signs of suffocation from suffocation“, Said the sources consulted by this medium about the elements that led the prosecutor Pablo Gamaleri, in charge of the decentralized UFI N ° 11 of La Costa but subrogated by UFI N ° 2 -which is the one that is officially investigating the case-, to order the arrest of all the policemen involved: nine in all.

“Homicide triply aggravated by treachery and cruelty, and in the premeditated contest of two or more people, for being executed by members of the security forces abusing their functions or positions”This is the primary crime for which the nine police officers were investigated this Sunday night.

Christian Rohr, Maximiliano Munche and José Carlos Pereyra They were also accused of a subsidiary crime: “Torture and abandonment of person followed by death and breach of the duties of a public official ”. While a Paola Mansilla, Carla Cantranella, Evelyn Garófalo, Miguel Boulos, Sandro Mujica and Laura Chiarullo, accuse them, in addition to being necessary participants in the homicide, for the subsidiary crime of “Failure to avoid torture, breach of the duties of a public official and abandonment of a person followed by death ”.

The 3 ° police station of San Clemente del Tuyú, where Martínez died

Precisely, one of those four policemen involved was the one who decided to tell what happened in the hotel and when they took Martínez to the police station. He said that he arrived after the alert from the Fontainebleau, located on Calle 3 and Avenida Costanera, in the downtown area of ​​San Clemente: “We were traveling with my partner and on the radio a call was received from a male causing disturbances ”, the accused police reported to the prosecutor.

And he said that when they arrived at the hotel, they went up to the seventh floor but the suspect was not there. She found him, along with two local police officers and two kitchen employees, at the landing of the stairs to the sixth floor: “He did not resist us picking him up and putting the handcuffs on him, and at all times he said inconsistencies: that a hand had come out of the mattress that had shot him and they were chasing him.”

Later, she narrated that they took him down the elevator while she went to the room where Martínez was staying with a witness. “It was all mixed up, the bathroom broken”, He said and explained that he took photos of everything and added: “There was blood, it wasn’t much, but there was”. He also detailed that under the bedside table there was “A black bag and blood”. After taking the evidence for the cause for “damages” for which Martínez was apprehended, the officer revealed that he went down to the hall.

Alejandro Martínez assassinated Buenos Aires police
Alejandro Martínez was 35 years old

On the street, he met the detainee in the back of his patrol car and took him to the police station, located on San Martín Avenue, 11 blocks from the hotel. He reported that he was melting, that he was electrocuted and his arms were melting. Along the way, he continued with inconsistencies “, said. Precisely, one of the sources consulted alleged that they called the prosecutor Gamaleri to tell them what happened and told them to take him to the hospital if he was not well. According to the account of the accused police, they went directly to the police station.

There he asked a colleague for help. It was the policeman Maximiliano Munche who, according to his story, “He tries to get him down but (he) starts to kick.” That’s one of the three police officers charged in Martinez’s death. As he cannot alone, another colleague tried to help him through the other door of the patrol car, but the detainee “kicked” them.

“There they take him out, he struggles, he didn’t want to go down. They carry him between Munche, (Christian) Rohr and (Juan Carlos) Pereyra because he struggled all the time and they brought him to the police station ”, He continued with the description of what happened. The three police officers mentioned by the accused are those accused by the prosecutor as those who beat and asphyxiated Martínez.

Later, the woman described that she left the section to continue her patrol. “We found out about the death because a while later they asked us to go down to the police station”, closed his statement.

Alejandro Martínez assassinated Buenos Aires police
Alejandro Martínez died at the San Clemente police station

For the prosecutor Gamaleri, who already referred the case to the natural prosecutor’s office of the case (UFI No. 2), between midnight and 1.50, the nine detained police officers, four women and five men, “They planned to kill, assigning and fulfilling each of them a specific role”, According to the arrest warrant to which he agreed Infobae on Sunday.

The prosecutor even detailed the role of each one: three of the policemen, Munche, Rohr and Pereyra, “They executed extreme physical violence” to Martínez and during “ten minutes” they gave him “Fist punches and they crushed various parts of his body through various maneuvers”, causing him multiple injuries that caused his death. They tortured him.

While the other six accused, four are women, “They provided the necessary coverage so that they did not run any type of risk, and to ensure the result of what was planned, intentionally omitting and abusing the duties in charge, they provided the necessary environment and circumstances” to obtain the planned result: the death of the detainee.

All were disaffected of the Buenos Aires Police by the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Security of the Nation.


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