COVID-19: Peru manages to protect 62% of its target population with both doses

COVID-19: Peru manages to protect 62% of its target population with both doses. (Photo: Minsa)

Peru managed to fully immunize more than 17 million people, equivalent to 62% of the target population. The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that the exact amount of doses applied is 39 million 601,370, of which 21 million 868,980 were applied as the first dose, 17 million 275,624 correspond to the second dose and 456,766 to a third dose.

All this information was collected until 20:00 pm yesterday, November 21.

It is known that up to the date and time in question, they were 156,403 people who received some dose, of which 49,652 were for the first dose, 96,719 for the second dose and 10,032 for the third dose.

Through the web portal of the Unique National Repository of Health Information (Reunis) it was verified that the last update was at 00:00:13 today and it was found that the doses applied increased to 39 million 642,999.

In the case of the number of people who received a vaccine against COVID-19 yesterday, the figure increased to 180,080. Of the number total of assistants 59,369 attended for their first dose, 110,150 for their second dose and 10,561 for the third vaccine.

The last two figures reflect a slight increase compared to previous days, where the number of people who came for their first dose exceeded what they went for a second inoculation. Regarding the third dose, since the beginning of the application of the also known as “booster dose”, yesterday the highest rate of attendees has been reflected, exceeding 10,500 assistances.

Update of vaccinated in Peru.  (Photo: Minsa)
Update of vaccinated in Peru. (Photo: Minsa)


Hernando Cevallos also reiterated the importance of vaccination to combat a third wave since, although this process has advanced very quickly, there is a good percentage that still do not receive all their full doses.

“We have noticed that, in the last two weeks, there are sectors that do not attend to be vaccinated and that is worrying”, said.

Given the arrival of the end of the year holidays, which could produce a greater number of infections due to the increase in the flow of people in the streets, the Health Minister recalled that there is a rule so that, as of December 15 , “No person who does not have the two doses can enter a public place that is closed”

He considered that this rule cannot be questioned, since COVID-19 has claimed the lives of thousands of people in Peru.

“On this issue I think we should all close ranks. This is not enough for a debate on whether ‘they are curtailing my freedom’ in a society where a few months ago we had more than 100,000 deaths (…). We should not have doubts about the need to get vaccinated, “he said.

He pointed out that the government does not tell the public that they must be vaccinated as it is their right, but he argued that what these people do not have the right to is “sit next to a person who is vaccinated, who must take care of himself and does not want to get infected “. In addition, he indicated that, by not being vaccinated, when they get sick, they could take a bed in the hospital from other people who also require that care.

The government has been strongly promoting the download of the vaccination card, since in many places it will be mandatory to present it. That is why you should not forget to remove it and here we provide you with the steps.


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