Christmas bonus despite the corona crisis? Anyone who gets paid as an employee

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From: Anne Hund

Not all employees can look forward to a Christmas bonus. © Monika Skolimowska / dpa

In some companies, the Christmas bonus is paid out with the November salary. One group of employees in particular benefits, as the figures for this year show.

Christmas bonus * Not all employees receive it by a long way. Because a legal one Eligibility for Christmas bonus there is not any. However, the Employment or collective agreement possibly result in a claim. You can find out more about whether and in what cases employees are entitled to a Christmas bonus here. There are also a large number of establishments that offer their Orient payments to collective agreementswithout being bound by it.

Christmas bonus despite the corona crisis?

Above all Collective bargaining employees can get over this year Christmas bonus happy, as the numbers show, regardless of the corona crisis: 87.2 percent of all collective bargaining employees have entitlement to a corresponding special payment this year at the end of the year, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office of the German Press Agency (dpa). The payment is an average of 2,677 euroswhich is an increase of 1.9 percent since the previous year.

Im west the average Christmas bonus of 2,695 euros is around 5.5 percent higher than in the east, where 2,554 euros are paid. In return, somewhat more collective bargaining employees (88 percent) are entitled to this than in the west (87 percent).

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Christmas bonus – differences depending on the collective agreement and industry

Since the payments are agreed in the respective collective agreements, they are extremely different. They are sufficient in the examined agreements from 5,651 euros (coking and mineral oil processing) to the lowest value of 301 euros, the Contract workers received on average. Also in Hospitality will with an average of 861 comparatively little Christmas bonus paid. Big Christmas bonuses are also with the Energy supply (5,171 euros) and in the chemicalIndustry (5,369 Euro) agreed, it says further in the dpa report.

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Collective agreements but do not apply to all employees in Germany. 47 percent of West German and 57 percent of East German employees worked in companies in 2020, in which there was no collective agreement, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) had determined in May, as dpa further describes.

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Without a collective agreement The chances of firmly agreed special payments decrease: According to a study by the trade union WSI collective bargaining archive, only around half of the employees were entitled last year. “A collective agreement is the best guarantee that you will receive Christmas or vacation pay. We know from regular surveys that employees with a collective agreement receive such special payments about twice as often as employees who are not paid according to the collective agreement, ”said WSI director Thorsten Schulten according to dpa. (ahu) * Merkur is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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